Top 13 Things Nobody Told You About Middle School

So that’s it, you’re in college. You were the big one in CM2, you are going to become the little one in 6th grade, learn from the teachers parading and moving from room to room within the establishment, finally experience the frenzy of checks at stake and experience human relations with teens. So that’s it. But don’t worry about it; it’s likely to be very bad, but it’s like everything, college: it passes.

2. The techno course is mandatory

Sisi, it’s so useful, but totally obligatory. There will even be a note associated with your light-up keychain. And your calligraphy exercises. You have to go there. Obligatory.

3. Level classes are based on languages ​​and options

Do you speak German as a first language, Latin and Greek? You will be in the best class in college. A better class where no one wants to do German as a first language, Latin and Greek, but where everyone has parents who care that their kid is in the best class. It would be necessary to check a better class option, it would be simpler.

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4. Just because you’re good at one subject in college doesn’t mean you’ll continue to be so afterwards.

College is easy; it’s after that it gets tougher. Suddenly, your appetite for physics could well turn into a decoy at the time, precisely, to learn how the mole works.

5. No, you are not friends for life.

There’s about a 95% chance that your best 8th grade buddies will become people you’ll only hear from later through a bi-annual Facebook page check. “Hey, this jerk has three kids” will be the new “you really are my best friend”. That’s life.

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6. It won’t always be easy to fit in

College marks the ungrateful age. College students have not yet integrated the baggage of social behavior but are already old enough to aim straight. It is the wickedness to the test of everything is allowed. Obviously, if you see people around you being harassed, it is essential to alert a responsible adult.

7. College cools are real life nerds.

Repeat that to yourself at night in your bed, crying into your sheets.

8. The patent is so tedious that even talking about it is a waste of time.

Without dec ‘unless you’re in mode I’m not going anymore, there’s almost no chance that you won’t have your patent. And then at worst, even if you don’t have it, it won’t prevent you from passing your baccalaureate and everything else.

Top 13 Things Nobody Told You About Middle School

9. It’s too early to try to stand out

College is the mass age. If, afterwards, you will spend half your life trying to prove to everyone that you are unique, in college, extreme cool is like everyone else. Any distinctive look, any desire to show off will be conducive to pissing you off. For 4 years, your ideal will be the norm. Enjoy.

10. No, the math teacher is not after you

He really doesn’t care, the math teacher, about you. He has a life outside of you and outside of class. You can’t imagine it yet, but you are a drop of water in his daily life. You are not persecuted. Nothing is ever directed against you. On the other hand, if you are super boring, you will take the mood swings adapted to your level of boredom.

11. Delegates Are Useless

Nothing at all. Delegates are a low-level apprenticeship in democracy. Their only interest lies in their existence; the rest, the mission, all that, it’s just decorum to make it look pretty.

12. Yes, yes, I promise you that you will recover from the hitchhiking that you put on your 5th B crush

Right now, you think you’ll never get over it, and I sympathize. But I assure you that you will recover. And that one day, you will look at the Facebook profile of Aude Vidard from 5th B and the only thing you will ask yourself is: “but how could I have been in love with this person? »

13. Pawns are students who don’t give a fuck better than being there

They want to be there as much as you want them to be there. They don’t have a penny and do this while waiting to find a job in which they will flourish. They’re not even twice your age, they’re not quite adults, they wish they could take the money and spend the day at the café reading a book. But they can’t tell.

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