Top 13 things Mormons are not allowed to do

“Mormons” are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (ever longer the name guys). Founded on proselytism by Joseph Smith in the 19th century, this religion is based on the Bible but is absolutely not part of Christianity. Worldwide, there are about 15 million. In France, 50,000 (38,000 in mainland France and 22,000 overseas). According to Miviludes (Inter-ministerial mission for vigilance and the fight against sectarian aberrations), Mormonism does not constitute a sect. That doesn’t prevent some of their rules from being quite… Special?

1. Mormons can’t wear more than one earring.

A counsel from the “prophet to the members of the Church”. In this religion, women are required to pierce their bodies only for medical reasons. But a hole in the ears is ok. But only if the loops chosen are small and discreet. Otherwise, no. Attention, for men, it is 0 indulgence. Nan but men with earrings, but it’s not going to the head ??? Alalala, logic and tolerance, when you hold us.

2. No tattoo either

And if you adhere to the religion when you already have a tattoo, there is a good chance that you will be forced to remove it with a laser. According to the website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,“Latter-day prophets strongly discourage tattooing. People who choose not to follow this counsel show a lack of respect for themselves and for God. » Oh yeah, that’s hilarious. In the “Additional Information” section, we even read “People who have a tattoo carry a constant reminder of a mistake they made. » A bit of a hasty judgement, isn’t it?

3. No love story before age 16

It seems to be to be mature and only engage in a relationship leading to a heterosexual marriage and 12 children. La vida loca.

4. Even though it’s no longer allowed, men were allowed some form of polygamy

At the time, it was said that “it made it possible to access paradise more quickly”. Sorry ? Like what, between guru and cad, there is not much (an “and” in this case. Do you have it?). Fortunately, and since the publication of a Manifesto by President Woodruff in 1890, plural marriage is no longer permitted. This Church nevertheless specifies that “At certain times and for his purposes, God, through his prophets, ordained the practice of plural marriage (sometimes called polygamy), meaning that a man has more than one wife living at the same time. » Obviously, this is sufficient justification for some, who continue to practice this kind of marriage illegally. Hi sir from the video just below. (Text)

5. Abortion

Once again, all you have to do is type “abortion” in the search bar of this site to find an entire page decrying abortion. It reads in particular “Abortion performed for reasons of personal or social convenience is contrary to the will and commandments of God. Members of the Church who submit to, perform, encourage, pay for, or arrange for such abortion may lose their membership in the Church. » This world is scary, for fuck’s sake.

6. Drink alcohol

Because they are asked to discern right from wrong, and to always choose the right. It would mean that… “Alcohol isn’t cool?” Is that what you say??? ALCOHOL is NOT cool? So why is the word “cool” in “alcohol”???? »

7. Drink coffee

According to the “Word of Wisdom”, a kind of “Mormon health law” which, in their belief, was given by God to Joseph Smith in 1833: the use of alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea and drugs are prohibited. As strange as it may seem: they are simply not allowed to drink hot drinks.

Top 13 things Mormons are not allowed to do
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8. Smoking cigarettes

I just told you, actually. Follow a bit.

9. Wear basic underwear

Eh yes ! Once you’ve set foot in the temple for the first time, you can kick out your entire drawer of panties, thongs, underpants and bras. The Mormons have such an eye for detail that they impose the same little underwear on all their followers, to wear day and night. Too cute.

Top 13 things Mormons are not allowed to do
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10. Wear sleeveless tops or dresses for women

Oulouloulouuuu the shoulders, so vulgaaaary. Afterwards, you will tell me, the underwear imposed on women does not really leave room for questioning.

11. Play basketball on a full court

The missionaries (the little young Mormons who leave for two years to proselytize, yay) have the right to play, but… Only on a half court! The reason: “to avoid unnecessary effort”. So… How can you tell you that the very principle of sport is all the same to exert yourself as little as possible? That’s not all, even on the half field, they are not allowed to count the score. Max bursts.

12. Communicate with their families when they are missionaries

When they go on “mission”, they can only call their family on Christmas Day and Mother’s Day (oh yeah, I didn’t see that one coming. Clearly one of the absolutely not holy days of the calendar). The reason: missionaries are seen as people working for the Church. Anything outside of work is considered a distraction, even family. It looks so neat.

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13. Perform oral sex

Or adultery, fornication, sexual relations with persons of the same sex, arousing sexual emotions, sending or receiving messages, images or videos of an immoral or sexual nature, masturbation and viewing or using pornography. We are therefore satisfied with the missionary (funny that it is called like the Mormon missionaries hihihi) to procreate. It is the law of chastity. YOUHOUUUUU.

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