Top 13 stars who would have done better to keep quiet in 2022

Confucius once said, “Just because you have a lot of Instagram followers doesn’t mean you have to open your mouth to talk shit,” and he was right, the good guy. Too many celebrities in 2022 mistakenly thought they could rely on their popularity to legitimize their bullshit. Fortunately, Topito’s editor has a good memory and has not forgotten those delicious moments when they would have done better to shut up, a bit like people who would have done better to be silent in 2021. Anthology.

Cyril Hanouna with the Lola affair and the debate with Louis Boyard

TPMP had many moments of grace with Cyril Hanouna this year, but unfortunately for me, I cannot list them all here. I will therefore content myself with recalling that this dark human from Hanouna shit on French law on October 18, 2022 by saying “If we have all the evidence, it is life imprisonment” for the murderer of little Lola. Before adding a few days later that, for him, it was more “inadmissible to make tweets, editorials” on his remarks than on the murder itself. Whereas what is inadmissible is the existence of his show and his horrible persona.

And he did not stop there, because on November 14, 2022, he verbally attacked the politician Louis Boyard, with “shut up”, “fucker” and “buffoon”, not supporting that the deputy LFI criticizes Vincent Bolloré, boss of C8. And he should have once again rather closed his huge valve before saying “Don’t spit in the hand that feeds you”. Can’t wait for the Arcom to delete its show.

Magali Berdah in Further Investigation

A video is worth more than 10,000 words, but the fact remains that Magali Berdah should perhaps have turned her tongue seven times in her mouth before coming up with the excuse of tendinitis to explain why she was not wearing the famous “connected watch” that she boasted about on her networks.

Dylan Thiry and his cancerous cells

Yes, tell yourself that among the worst scams relayed by influencers, there are even drugs supposed to “cure” serious illnesses that are offered. Finally, this is what Dylan Thiry tells us when he offers us capsules “which kill cancerous cells” (we say “carcinogenic” in case you didn’t know). According to him, they would be “not on sale in France and Europe, because it is much more interesting for them that we go to the hospital and that we pay a blind”. Too crazy, in fact, friends. Take away my ability to breathe, I can’t take it anymore.

Françoise Castex who congratulates Quatennens by admitting that she is also the author of domestic violence

Already, it is necessary to see how Quatennens was praised by his collaborators for having assumed the slap given to his wife. Disgusting. But former MEP Françoise Castex went even further by “confessing” that she too had hit her former companion, even going so far as to say that she could have seriously injured him so badly she was. because of their breakup. In fashion, it’s normal to have this kind of violent reaction because you get left. Like, we should applaud her for her confession and not call the police. As a reminder, in the event of frequent domestic violence, it is 10 years’ imprisonment and a fine of €150,000 incurred. So next time Françoise, shut your mouth, thank you.

Willy Schraen who does not see why alcohol should be banned while hunting and who advises walkers to walk around their homes to avoid accidents

Like every year, the president of the National Hunting Federation would have done better to wrap it up once and for all (I refer you to the most beautiful declarations of Willy Schraen). All year, he has chained absurd statements, saying first, in May 2022 that for there to be no more hunting accidents, walkers would have to stay at home. Logic, yes! But what won our hearts the most was when he told AFP on September 16, 2022, “a drunk bike is dangerous too” to explain why alcohol should not be banned. during the hunt. BAH CHAI NOT, PTET BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE A GUN IN HANDS WHEN WE RIDE BIKE ASS HOLE ???????

Océane El Himer and her beautiful tribute for the queen

Decidedly, the influencers of reality TV did not have too much heart to be silent this year. This is how, in an outpouring of goodwill, Océane El Himer, candidate of the Marseillais, split a tribute to Queen Elizabeth, during her death on September 8, 2022, in an insta story. The problem is that she confused the Queen of England with Brigitte Macron. Had to do it, and she did. If I was mean, I would even say that she should have also been silent during the game of the king of silence in the show Les Cinquante, rather than make everyone lose in 5 seconds, but I am not then I’ll let the video speak for me.

Anne Hidalgo who thought she was the only one to come from the working world

In April 2022, shortly before the presidential elections, Anne Hidalgo boasted on the BFM TV set of being the only candidate from the working class. It was her counting on Philippe Poutou, aka the master of the clash, who was passing by to remind her that in fact, well no, she was not the only one. The PS candidate did try to get out of it by specifying “Only candidate and you only candidate” as an excuse, but only two people in France believed it.

Christophe Galtier and his sand yacht

Believing to be on a permanent contract with Topito, the PSG coach said that it would be really really funny, during a press conference, to answer that he was looking to travel by sand yacht to a journalist asking him if he was considering eco-responsible solutions for team travel. Hilarious, really. Obviously, his answer caused an uproar, which is not surprising when you know that PSG players fly to Rennes, Nantes or Strasbourg. Afterwards, maybe Christophe Galtier is really a sand yachting fan and he’s been trying to convert for years, without success. We do not know…

Grégoire de Fournas and his “Let him go back to Africa!”

On November 4, 2022, an RN deputy forgot that he had only one thing to do in the hemicycle: close it. While the LFI deputy, Carlos Martens Bilongo, spoke about illegal migration in the Mediterranean, Grégoire de Fournas could not help but exclaim “Let him return to Africa”, intended for his black colleague . Obviously, these words caused a scandal in the Assembly (and fortunately). But according to all his political group, Grégoire de Fournas of course wanted to talk about the migrants who are on the boats. As if it were better you know. Come on, it’s no use trying to hide your racism now the RN, everyone knows.

Gérald Darmanin and his “Calm down ma’am, it’s going to be fine” of big tarba

I will not dwell on the fact that Darmanin should always close his big mouth, but he should have even more on February 8, 2022 on the set of BFM TV. Invited to talk about the crime figures against Apolline De Malesherbe, the Minister of the Interior felt a little too confident: while the journalist said that she found her presentation “very fast and a little populist”, Darmanin told her dropped a huge “Calm down ma’am, it’s going to be fine” very paternalistic and sexist. Who told him that he missed another opportunity to close his clapping at çuilà??

Fabien Roussel who thought he had “no competitors on the left”

It’s funny because in the presidential election, he won 2.28% of the vote (behind Jean Lasalle, to tell you), while Yannick Jadot won 4.63% and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, 21.95% . But no competitors on the left eh, that’s not it!

Valérie Pécresse and her Kärcher who hadn’t asked for anything

Kärcher had however warned a few years ago: no more use of its brand name by politicians. However, that did not prevent Valoche from saying, at the start of 2022, that she wanted to “take the Kärcher out of the cellar to clean the cities”. So neither one nor two, the brand of cleaners split a beautiful press release to put the candidate LR in her place. Well, fortunately for this good Valérie, it’s not the only time of the year when she caught a wind, she’s used to it now. Yes, remember, she had offered ministerial posts to Teddy Rinner and Leïla Slimani who both gave her a big toz. Again, it would have been better if she hadn’t opened it.

Kevin Guedj and too nice comment to his ex-wife

Attention, it is the info of the year. KEVIN AND CARLA HAVE SEPARATED. OGM But if you follow these former Marseillais stars on the networks, normally you already know that. And in that case, you may have seen this incredible comment from Kevin under Carla Moreau’s Instagram post, announcing their divorce. A magnificent “T blood anyway”, at the height of all the love he visibly had for her. The last time I sent a message with so much emotion, it was to ask Yves Rocher to stop texting me ads.

Come on, we repeat after me: “I don’t have to say shit to attract attention”. All in heart.

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