Top 13 stars who dated fans (the lucky ones)

Who has never dreamed of a completely crazy love affair with their idol? We’ve all done it. We all had (or still have, for that matter) a “celebrity crush” to whom we wouldn’t say no, if you know what I mean. Even if there is very little chance that it will happen one day, you never know! There are still some fans who ended up in a relationship (even, by getting married!) With their idol. And believe me, they didn’t choose the ugliest ones. What was the trick to seduce Patrick Dempsey, please?

1. Billie Joe Armstrong and Adrienne Nesser

In 1990, Adrienne Nesser attended the Green Day concert in Dinkytown, Minnesota on the band’s first-ever tour. She meets there Billie Joe Armstrong, the singer. They continue to talk on the phone, then end up seeing each other again and kissing. This first kiss gives birth to the song “2000 Light Years Away”. After two years of relationship, the distance gets the better of them, and the young woman becomes engaged to another musician. But Billie returns to the charge two years later, he returns to Minnesota, does everything to see Adrienne again, then the marriage proposal in 1994. They marry on July 2, only two weeks after the proposal. The next day, she discovers that she is pregnant. Joseph was born in February 1995, then Jakob in 1998. Too romantic.

2. Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink

Jillian Fink, renowned Hollywood hairdresser, had the good surprise to see Patrick Dempsey arrive in her living room. After three years of loyalty as a client, Doctor Mamour asks her out. Result: a marriage in 1999 and 3 children. Noooo, I’m not jealous, no…

3. Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges

In 1990, Marjorie Bridges arrived late for Steve Harvey’s show at a comedy club in Memphis. From the stage, Harvey flashes on this beautiful stranger who is not very punctual. He pauses his show and declares “I don’t know who you are, but I’m going to marry you”. They are dating, but the star cuts the relationship short to focus on her career. Years later, in 2007, Marjorie Bridges finally became Marjorie Harvey.

4. Lady Di and Prince Charles

Contrary to the false rumor that claimed that Middleton had a poster of William in his bedroom, Lady Diana actually did. She had a poster of Prince Charles above her bed, even before she met him. We don’t know if it’s cute or creepy, we only know that the end of the story is much less happy.

5. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Yes, there are stars who are ultra fans of other stars! When she was on the set of Dawson’s Creek, Katie Holmes kept talking about her crush on Tom Cruise. Her room was filled with posters of the actor, and she had even confided, in an interview, to think of marrying him one day. In 2005, the dream becomes reality: Holmes begins a story with Cruise. They get engaged shortly after, and quickly become parents to little Suri. They finally divorced in 2012.

6. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

To say that Nick Cannon was a fan of Mariah is almost an understatement! He spent whole years chasing after her. To see her, he did not hesitate to solicit absolutely all their acquaintances in common to ask for a meeting, or at least an opportunity to meet her. When the opportunity finally presented itself at the 2005 Teen Choice Awards, he declared his love for her and asked her for a chance. She didn’t follow up, and they didn’t see each other for 2 years. Finally, when she was looking for a man to shoot a romantic clip, she thought of the actor. They toured, got together, married in 2008, had twins, and finally divorced in 2016.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Even before meeting Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin was telling anyone who would listen that he would date Gwyneth one day. When the actress came to attend a Coldplay concert, Chris Martin’s assistant asked the actress if she would like to come backstage at the end of the concert. Paltrow, herself a Martin fan, agreed. A marriage and two children later, they finally decided to separate.

8. Justin and Haley Bieber

In the 2010s, it was always a lot of young people who dreamed of going out with Justin. The Belibers were his biggest fans, and Haley Baldwin was clearly one of them! When she was younger, she shared her love for the singer on the networks, waited for hours in a crowd to see him in front of a hotel… Finally, it was thanks to her rich and famous dad (Stephen Baldwin) that she was able to meet him personally. Yes, we don’t all have the same family network.

9. Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares

During the Covid, Zac Efron was one of the actors who left the USA for another country. He put his suitcases down in Australia, in Byron Bay. It was there that he met Vanessa, when she was a waitress at the General Store cafe. After 10 months of relationship, they finally decided to continue their roads separately.

10. Matt Damon and Luciana Bozan Barroso

Almost the same story for Matt Damon and his wife. In the early 2000s, it was while going to a bar in Miami, during the filming of Stuck on You, that he met the woman of his life. He falls in love with the bartender: Luciana Bozan Barroso. 3 children and more than 15 years of marriage later, the couple still spins the perfect love!

11. Liam Payne and Maya Henry

Maya Henry attended a One Direction concert in 2015 when she was 15. She was able, during a meeting with their fans, to spend some time with the singers of the British boy band. Four years later, Liam and Maya started dating, then formalized their relationship in August 2019. In 2020, they got engaged. Then separate in 2021. Get back together a few months later. Then separate in April 2022.

12. Harry Styles and Townes Adair Jones

In the One Direction family, I now ask for Harry Style. Aka the most bg of the whole gang. In 2017, Townes, a fan of the group, had the chance to experience a blind date with Harry Styles. An appointment that went very well, since it will have inspired Harry the song “Carolina”. Ok, we can’t really talk about “dating”. But this night has visibly marked them both forever. There’s love in this story, it’s crystal clear!

13. John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Both of those names are famous today, but Kelly has always had a crush on the actor, even before her name was known as well. Coming out of the Grease screening, she remembers looking at the poster and saying, “I’m going to marry that man.” She didn’t lie! They remained married from 1991 to the death of the actress, in 2020. As beautiful as they are sad.

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