Top 13 scathing responses to homophobic comments

We know it, we repeat it, we assume it, we get insulted for it and we don’t care, homophobes are idiots or at least ignorant, or at least people who have a real problem with privacy of the other. And sometimes it’s said in a much funnier way than that.


“Gays make me vomit”

–> “Do not go so far in the deep throat in this case”


“I feel so sorry for Magic Johnson… This man only has one son and this is what God gave him. »

–> “He has a son whose brand of clothes is worth 200 million dollars. Your parents, what did they have? A little homophobic shit. »


Richard (Dick) Holder: “Gay sex is immoral! God will bring adequate punishment to those men who sleep with another man when a man should sleep with a woman. Repent! »

–> “Dude, your name is Dick Holder”


“If a man lies with a man, as he would with a woman, both have committed an abomination: they must undoubtedly be killed. (Leviticus)

The scriptures are clear: how can a Christian be for gay marriage?

–> “A marriage is only considered valid if the bride is a virgin. Otherwise, it must be executed” (Deuteronomy)

If my memories of high school are correct, you should reconsider the role of the Bible in establishing our marital laws. »


Warriors of Christ: “A rainbow emoji will get you immediately banned from the page! »


In reply to “Gay fuck”.

–> “Thank you for this nice proposal, but I am: a) busy, b) very far away, c) already taken. But it’s really flattering.


“Could I have a cool profile picture if I’m against gay marriage? »

–> Photo of Nazism.


I’m enrolled in a Catholic high school, and they wanted me to write an essay explaining why gay marriage is “bad and dangerous,” so I wrote this 127-page document instead: “Gay marriage is fabulous. »


” Attention ! Please remove the flag from your balcony. We are not allowed to wave such flags on our balconies. »


“One question: if men sleep with each other and women too, who will have children? »

—> “Not you, I hope. »


“I have nothing against this community. This is something that needs to be explained by parents. When homosexuality appears in cartoons, children are tricked into thinking it’s the only way to go and they don’t understand, especially when they’re that young! »

–> “I grew up seeing only heterosexual relationships on TV. There were never gay couples on TV. And you know what ? I’m gay. »


Straight Guy: “Homosexuality is disgusting and I don’t want to hear about it, it’s awful. »

Always the straight guy: “Two lesbians fucking…”


“Worst example of cultural appropriation ever recorded: LGBT people stole the rainbow from god. It’s his. He invented it. Give it back. »

–> “God told me he had no problem with it. He gave it to all the men, but on the other hand he is super drunk that you develop such thoughts and especially your Internet history.

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