Top 13 reasons to never send an announcement, no no we don’t like it

Receiving wedding and birth announcements is really an adult thing. Which amounts to saying that someone around you expelled a 3.5 kg roast from her vagina, I don’t see where the happy event is in there. In short, we don’t care about announcements, stop sending them. Pity.

1. Photos are always gross.

A wrinkled hand of an infant, it’s really not photogenic. As for the cutesy photo of the bride’s bouquet thrown in the air, it really is incitement to hatred and violence.

2. It is often accompanied by a humorous message that makes the infant speak in the first person

Well of course we are talking about birth announcements, but don’t worry wedding announcements are in the same boat. Anyway there’s no solution: the classic announcements are boring, the originals are to vomit, the funny ones are to cry, the poetic ones make you want to commit suicide. The best is still to do nothing, I assure you.

3. It’s not at all green

Already the happy event you are announcing is probably not going to be part of an ecological perspective, please do not add to it by using all this useless paper with a weight of FDP and a glossy effect surcharged when it will end directly in the garbage. We don’t want it.

5. Usually you already know the information it delivers

A priori when you receive a birth or wedding announcement, you have already been informed of the news (unless you are a very very distant cousin). So what is it actually for? To nothing !

6. The authors of the invitation have most certainly pissed off a graphic designer friend who had to work on the eye to lay this thing (very ugly, suddenly)

Just to make it more stylish with beautiful typography and pretty designs. “You see I would like it to express cheerfulness, love, longevity, gender equality and the Alur law concerning rent control, THAAAAANKS. ».

7. Because we’re not 89

And so we still live in a time of our lives where we can communicate by modern means that are not rotten announcements.

8. At best it will end up hanging on the fridge door

Is that your ambition in life? Isn’t it better to preserve this beautiful memory in the heart and the mind? Why bother with unnecessary material when you can simply look into your soul and listen to the light.

10. It’s super impersonal

Apart from my name on the envelope, there’s nothing that allows me to understand that this mail is intended for my personal person. Nice…

11. As far as I know, when I finished reading my last book, I didn’t send you an announcement?

Well there you go.

12. I lost at least 2 minutes reading it, thank you waste of time

If all the people I have as friends on Facebook got married and had children and thought of sending me an announcement every time, well it would take me like two hours to read everything.

13. Afterwards we feel obliged to answer and it’s super boring

Worse still, it forces us to lie by saying that we are too happy and that we will treasure this magnificent object full of emotions. NO PASARAN.

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