Top 13 reasons to live in Portugal, paradise has a name

OK, OK, OK… If Portuguese people read me, I know what you are going to say. That you are fed up with French tourists who travel only by Airbnb, that this same Airbnb contributes to deserting the big cities of the country in favor of ephemeral and disrespectful tourism. OKAY ! I am not talking to you about tourism but about leaving everything behind to live there until death ensues.

1. To eat seafood all the time without breaking the bank

In the morning, at noon, in the evening, but also at snack time and then also at night when you wake up because you have a sudden dazzling craving for clams.

2. Because you can live in the city as well as in the countryside

Lisbon, Porto, Guimarães, Aveiro have nothing to envy to the rest. Because over there everything is beautiful I tell you. And above all the climate is temperate, no heat wave to suffer even in summer. The fresh air of the Atlantic Ocean makes the country breathe.

3. To learn to speak Portuguese (Spanish and English are soooooo old)

And in particular knowing the insults in Portuguese. Even if globally, a large part of the natives know French (especially in the north of the country) which will facilitate your integration. But the best thing is to learn the language because you will quickly understand that it is not by adding [mawch] or some [tch] to French words that you will make yourself understand.

Top 13 reasons to live in portugal, paradise has a name

4. Because you can only eat pasteis de nata

And don’t tell me it’s flan. Pasteis de nata are like an elixir of pure taste enjoyment.

5. To listen to fado whenever you want

Good… Of course, we suspect that Portugal has an alternative musical creativity to the traditional plaintive singing of fado. But still. Fado is too fun.

6. Because you can easily access the Azores

Good OK we have already grilled ourselves saying that paradise was located in Portugal. Except that in fact the Azores is a bit like a paradise squared. So just the fact of being in the country that comes closest to it is enough to motivate a long-term residence. Forget the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, it’s all musty.

7. Because the country is making a lot of efforts in terms of ecology

They are committed above all to the protection of their natural parks by mainly using green energies. Which has nothing to do with vomit.

8. To live at the crossroads of tradition and modernity

Portugal may be a country steeped in history with its share of medieval sites to visit, the ruins coexist with modern architecture which makes its discovery all the more rewarding.

9. This is the mecca of surfing

Says our beloved graphic designer. I don’t know anything about Mecca, I don’t know anything about surfing, and I don’t know anything about “du”.

10. Because it’s a bit like Brittany

Except that the weather is nice, the sea is turquoise, the water is deliciously good and above all there are no Bretons. In short, except for two or three little things, it’s really kif-kif.

Top 13 reasons to live in portugal, paradise has a name
Picture credits: Topito

11. To offer you an excursion to the Madeira Archipelago

Closer than the Azores, it is the essential destination for lovers of hiking.

12. So that each of your photos looks like a postcard

Because overall, you have little chance of planting yourself in the frame, everything is of a beauty rarely equaled.

13. To maintain your alcoholism with cheap beer, vinho verde and ginjinha

According to the basic reference of happiness, that is to say drinking a beer on the terrace: Portugal offers this service for really cheap. Not only is what you drink good, but you drink it in a magnificent miradouro, but you don’t ruin yourself. Happiness or no happiness?

I deliberately omitted to mention football. Because I am rebellious.

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