Top 13 reasons not to call your son Guillaume, a first name not recommended

Contrary to what we would have us believe, men are born and remain unequal in rights. It is a fact, and no one will be able to say otherwise. How do you compare the life of someone called Julien, for example, to someone called Guillaume? It’s not possible. The first will inevitably have all the chances on his side while the second will inevitably suffer all his life. So think twice before ruining the life of your foolish bunch of kids.

1. Because it rhymes with “aerodrome”

And it’s not at all sexy to flirt unlike the first name Julien which rhymes with toaster.

2. Because his nickname would be Gui-Gui and everyone will want to vomit saying it

Guigui is really not appetizing in terms of the pleasure of pronouncing words. Unfortunately, as this first name has more than two syllables (gui-yo-meuh) it is fatally exposed to the law of diminutives, and in this case his will be worse than the full first name.

3. Because the first syllable is “Gui”, so why didn’t you call him “Guy” directly?

Yeah, but you also have to think before you speak there.

4. Because it’s already the first name you gave to your cat

And it’s going to be very difficult when you call them both to come eat at the table or when you have to sign your inheritance papers, you risk mixing up your brushes.

Top 13 reasons not to call your son guillaume, a first name not recommended

5. Because we don’t know if it’s a young, medium young, old, or super old name

It is therefore the moment or never to take stock of the question, the average age of the Guillaumes at the present time would be 36 years old.

6. Because it’s the name of a crater on the Moon

And I don’t see who would want to be likened to a crater in life. Why not a purulent pimple too?

7. Because Guillaume in English is William and it’s not so much more acceptable

Basically the first name is a derivative of Willhelm in German, a very dirty thing which also means “will” (= will) and “helmet” (= helm). Hello all rotten meanings.

8. Because in 2016, the city that saw the birth of the most Guillaumes was Paris

9 exactly. However, we know that everything Paris does sucks except the pigeons, the metro and the very expensive cafes on the terrace.

9. Because Bois-Guillaume is a town in Normandy that looks good

So cheap that when you type “Bois-Guillaume” on Google image, you find almost no photos, as if the city was ashamed of being what it was.

10. Because St. William’s Day is January 10

And no one wants to celebrate anything that day, we especially prefer to stay in the bed so as not to peel the rush outside.

11. Because the 6th pope Guillaume Grimoard was renamed Urban V in 1362

This is the proof that he had too much seum to be called Guillaume.

Top 13 reasons not to call your son guillaume, a first name not recommended
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12. Because I’ve already met a Guillaume, and he was a hell of a jerk

And I’m not even afraid that he will recognize me if he ever reads this top. You have to have courage in life and above all a good dose of honesty.

13. Because it’s a child you kidnapped and he already has another first name.

If you have to change his first name and in addition you choose the first name Guillaume, it’s sure that he’s going to have a bad time, so you might as well choose a more trendy first name like Timeo or Balëk.

Tag a friend whose name is Guillaume but who is actually your enemy but you don’t dare tell him.

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