Top 13 price differences France vs United States (it’s not the same delirium)

1. Disney World VS Disneyland Paris

To USA : in high season, for two days and access to all the parks, you will have to pay €337 for anyone over 10 years old or €328 for 3-9 year olds.

In France : in the same context (2 days, access to all the parks, in high season), entry will cost €224 for an adult and €206 for a child.

Good after, it must be said that there are 4 parks in Disney World against 2 in Paris: the price changes, but the amplitude of the things to see/do is not the same either!

2. Studies

To USA : concretely, it costs an arm. The price varies from one establishment to another, but is still quite high. On average, you have to pay a minimum of $15 to $20,000 per year for the least expensive establishments, and up to more than $100,000 for the most renowned. Yes, it stings, and most students are forced into debt for decades to be able to continue their studies.

In France : in public schools, you have to pay the CVEC (90 €) and registration fees (170 € for a bachelor’s degree, 243 € for a Master’s and 380 € for a doctorate). And that’s all. On the other hand, some private schools cost much more. For example, a business school will cost between €6,250 and €15,000 per year per student. (Source)

3. The price of the PQ

To USA : on the website of Wegmans (an American supermarket), a pack of 20 rolls of PQ costs $16.6. It tingles.

In France : on the Monoprix website, 24 rolls of Lotus toilet paper (roses, siouplait) cost €9.19. It should also be noted that these prices are already more expensive than usual, thanks to inflation.

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4. Apple products

To USA : on Apple’s US site, a 128 GB Alpine green Iphone 13 Pro costs $999. It is already much too expensive, but much less than in France.

In France : for the exact same model, the advertised price is €1159 ($1147). 150 bullets in the teeth, gift. It sucks.

5. Driving license

To USA : it’s ridiculous, even if it fluctuates from state to state. Depending on the territory, the permit will only cost between $10 and $89. Added to this are a few fees, such as driving tests, from $50 to $150. According to U Switch, a UK-based price comparison service, the minimum price for a license in the US is $200.

In France : according to a survey conducted by UFC que Choisir, the average price of a driving license is €1,800. Yes yes. Ouch.

6. Medical care

The infographic below speaks for itself. For so-called “classic” care, the price differences are impressive from one end of the Atlantic to the other. A doctor’s appointment will always cost us €25 (and will be partially reimbursed), while an American will have to pay $120-230. A check at the gynecologist costs us 30 €, against 400 $ in the USA. We can never say it enough, but we are REALLY lucky to have social security!

7. …and a childbirth

To USA : are you sitting? Giving birth in the USA costs… from $14,000 to $40,000. Yes, you (unfortunately) read that correctly.

In France : the cost of a delivery is estimated at 2400 €. Most costs are covered by Social Security and our mutual health insurance. Of course, the bill can be higher if you go through a private clinic and the health professionals consulted take fees, but you still very rarely reach the same level as the American bill!

8. Gasoline

To USA : last June, following global inflation which affects all our economies, the price at the pump broke all records, rising to… the equivalent of €1.25/litre. Yes that’s it. The kind of price on which we all rush in France, and which brings us tears of joy. On September 5, 2022, the price of a liter of Super 95 was €0.998 and that of a liter of diesel was €1.354.

In France : at the moment, the super 95 costs us €1.597/l and diesel €1.746/l.

Top 13 price differences France vs United States its not
Picture credits: Topito

9. The price of real estate rentals

To USA : on average, a one-bedroom apartment will cost $3,350/month in downtown San Francisco, $2,200 in New York or Washington, and $1,500/month in the average city.

In France : Paris is the most expensive city. A T1 in Paris will cost around €1300/month. It’s still cheaper than for an average American city!

10. Bread

To USA : According to “how much does it cost”, 500 g of bread costs almost €3! Yes, it is not given.

In France : we pay almost half as much! For the same ration, the average price here is €1.56.

11. The price of a cappuccino

To USA : the average price is €4.5 a cup. It had better be divinely good at that price!

In France : €2.91. It’s better, but not cheap either.

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12. Fruit

To USA : a kilo of apple will cost €4.8, a kilo of orange €4.1 and €4.4 per kilo of tomatoes. Yes, fruit salad or tomato-mozzarella salad are expensive.

In France : for the same weight of apple, you will have to pay €2.61, €2.51 for oranges and €2.97 for tomatoes.

13. Water bottles

To USA : a large 1.5L bottle of water will be priced at €1.9. Yes, almost two bullets.

In France : the average price is €0.71 for the same quantity. On the other hand, in stations or at festivals, a 50 cl can cost you your PEL. We have no middle ground, we are nuts.

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