Top 13 people who are engaged, but not too much

Being engaged is good. But being engaged is not easy. Because being committed often means fighting against ease, and therefore venturing down a path of sacrifice and deprivation. And it’s RELOU to deprive yourself. That’s why we are often engaged, but not too much. But we are not the only ones: look at all these people who are only half committed to their cardboard convictions.

1. Artists who cut a small strand of hair in support of Iranian women

The intention is commendable, huh, but we too can cut 5 cm of ends in support of whoever you want, especially if the hairdresser is ready to make up for all that as soon as we cut the camera.

2. People who go to climate protests but spend 3 hours a day in the shower and order clothes on Shein

They love the planet, but not too much. In any case not as much as their comfort and their look. And if you didn’t know it yet, then yes, fast fashion sites are a horror in terms of ecological impact, and Shein wins this little game by far.

3. People against the World Cup in Qatar but who will still watch the matches on their TV

Many of us are still asking the question “Is it really worth boycotting the World Cup in Qatar when the event will still take place anyway? », and suddenly this fall we will surely be in front of our TV, a little ashamed of having cracked. Zero belief.

Top 13 people who are engaged but not too much

4. The rich who want to help the poor and give themselves a good conscience by spinning 50 balls a year to an association

But above all, let’s not come and ask them for more. For them, their part of the contract is fulfilled. The poor, they like, but from afar. And they like that they stay poor, otherwise there would be more rich. It’s logic.

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5. The people who came by yacht to Lacanau to pay homage to the Dune du Pila ravaged by flames

They would have shown up in a sailboat, it would have been ok, but not at all. These charming people have warmed up the engines to pollute the waters, so that the fires resume as quickly as possible. It’s beautiful it’s so silly.

6. People who want us to save the forests and the orangutans but who continue to eat meat every day

“Yeah, but I eat spread without palm oil so it’s okay, right? » Well, that’s not enough to prevent deforestation. But we’re not judging you, most of us also struggle to stop eating meat.

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7. People who sort but suddenly use it as an excuse not to reduce their plastic consumption and buy water packs galore

In most parts of our beautiful country, tap water is excellent, so stockpiling bottled water is about as absurd as buying potted air. No matter how much you sort behind, it will always pollute more than if you hadn’t bought it.

1664984382 173 Top 13 people who are engaged but not too much

8. Clothing brands that parade plus size models, but look ultra-hot

Kind of barely round chicks with well-placed curves and a super-thin face, because that’s still a better kind than putting on the real physique that you meet every day in the street. And again, sometimes, brands ask very thin models to wear prostheses to look rounder, so they have generous shapes with a thin woman’s face. There, it’s even more a lack of commitment, it’s a lot of bullshit.

9. People who buy organic to be careful of their health but smoke cigarettes

And we’re not even talking about those who nonchalantly throw their cigarette butts on the ground, since it’s another fight. Oh and then if we talk about it: you deserve to have all your holes filled with cigarette butts. It would be good for everyone. Finally especially to us it is true.

1664984384 488 Top 13 people who are engaged but not too much

10. CAC 40 companies that donate to foundations (and re-inject tax deductions into polluting activities)

But hey, we don’t want to get confused with big CAC 40 companies because our lawyers are much less powerful and numerous than theirs. It’s expensive to be really committed.

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11. People committed to the animal cause but who burst tiger mosquitoes with their flip-flops

It’s hard to stay anti-specist when a dirty mosquito comes to release big bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in your ear in the middle of the night.

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12. Men for gender equality who don’t care that their female colleagues earn less than them

Because afterwards the problem is that it would be necessary to share with them, suddenly it would make less money for the men. Finally we will stay like this then.

1664984388 987 Top 13 people who are engaged but not too much

13. Those who post against polluters but who have already pushed their heating to the max when it’s barely October

Yes, all right, global warming is above all the fault of our leaders and big companies, but damn it, put on a sweater and socks, it doesn’t cost much. Well, yes, you have to buy the sweater, but we’re sure you already have two or three in your closet, don’t pretend.

1664984390 998 Top 13 people who are engaged but not too much

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