Top 13 of the worst slip-ups of sports commentators, those who should have been silent

“Ahhhhhh that’s the beauty of live, hihihihi”. The phrase that all hosts and presenters say when something unexpected happens on the air. Problem: sometimes, it’s not a simple management problem, but more than limits. OUPSY. Too late. We have heard everything, and we judge strongly. Very strong. Especially these 14 there, all from the sports field. BOUHOUUUUUUUUUUUU.

1. Thierry Roland

You can make a racist blunder once, but not ten. You can make a racist blunder twice, but not ten. You can make a mistake… Oh no, sorry. I am told in the headset that Roland can cheerfully explode all the quotas of embarrassing statements on the air. Yes, yes, I swear! We have even already made a top of his most racist statements, that is to say.

Among this bunch of unbearable sentences: “There is nothing that looks more like a Korean than another Korean, especially dressed as footballers, especially since they are all 1.70 m tall, they are all dark , apart from the goalkeeper”, during a match between France and South Korea in 2002. CLASS.

2. Guilbaut-Colas

The France 3 sports commentator is in the spotlight, but not for the right reasons… During the mogul skiing event at the 2022 Beijing Olympics, he comments on the descent of American Jaelin Kauf, declaring “it skis like a guy”. Well yeah, cousin. What does it mean, suddenly, to ski like a guy? She made a descent in a manspreading position, right?

3. Nelson Montfort

You must know his voice, his face and his interviews. If he has long been one of the faces of French sports journalism, he is also known for his multiple slip-ups on the air. Quite intense moments of embarrassment. In 2010, a swimmer, fan of Aurore Mongel, intervenes during a duplex. Comment from Montfort: “She’s the treasurer of your fan club, so be careful because with the Romanians, you have to be careful on that level” AHAHAH. Not funny at all.

On the occasion of the last Tokyo Olympics, he conducted an interview with the Ugandan Peruth Chemutai, new Olympic champion in the 3000m steeplechase. In a burst of awkwardness, he declares “these African athletes are extraordinarily sympathetic. They make a real effort to speak English.” Annoying. Especially since one of the official languages ​​of Uganda is precisely…English. Really annoying.

4. Patrick Montel

Alalalalaaa sacred Patoche! He deserves a top all to himself, too. The French voice of athletics has the immense and incredible capacity to create unease, very regularly. A blunder can happen. But two, three, a galaxy of meatballs, it makes you wonder if it’s not done on purpose.

For example, during the Paralympic Games in Sochi in 2014, he commented on the wheelchair biathlon event and declared “he already has 2.5 km in his legs”. GOOD. PLAY. Same year, same competition: “NO, it’s over for Vetrov! His arms are falling off! “. Vetrov is an armless skier. HERE, HERE. I leave you now on this mediocre transition, to go from this visually impaired judoka, injured in the ankle, to the wheelchair basketball event.

5. Thierry Demaiziere

For the program Sept à Huit, the journalist interviews Gareth Thomas, the first international rugby player to have come to terms with his homosexuality. So far so good. The subject is cool, the man has allowed several people in the world of the oval ball to come out, and it’s great to talk about it. UNTIL THIS FUCK QUESTION. “Rugby is a contact sport. There are locker rooms… There are showers… How do you manage with your homosexual impulses and this very intimate relationship you had with your players? “. WHAT??? BUT IS IT NOT GOOD??

The journalist then himself admitted that his vocabulary had not been appropriate, and specified that he had given the floor to Gareth Thomas, precisely, because his book denounced homophobia.

6. Pierre Menes

So there, we do not present it anymore. We are squarely on a grand slam of the dumpling. Racist and sexist jokes galore. Since writing everything would make us sick, and would be unbearable to read for the majority of our readers, I have selected for you some of his worst shitty interventions. On the set of TPMP, a columnist declares “it itches” while speaking of a lambda thing. He stops. Look at his chest. And declares “if there’s something that itchs me, it’s not that. ” CLASS. On the plateau of Touche pas à mon sport, he gets up, and clogs Francesca Antonietti. The young woman, absolutely not consenting, is taken by surprise. This is very serious. And really, it pisses me off. Finally, while Lilian Thuram denounces racism in football, Menès retorts “When you go to the Paris region to see football matches, there is not a white person on the ground, go count them. At the limit, there is only the goalkeeper and the right back. ” BRIEF. Here. This guy is undrinkable. And his words, often much more serious than a simple dumpling.

I leave you with this recap video (and to say that there are several…..) Personally, I did not last more than 1 min 30.

7. Candeloro

The former skater is also known for being the heavyweight on air. During the Sochi Olympics, he goes beyond the limits. While commenting on the skating events, he said “I know an anaconda that would have bothered that Canadian Cleopatra.” BUT WESH. WHERE ARE WE? This exit from the road will have earned a firm warning to France Television, from the CSA.

8. JT by JP Pernaut

Listen. Look. Comment. What do you think is worse, between the ultra-sexualized beginning, the little passage “like the boys”, or the hazardous pun on knitting? I find it hard to decide, personally.

9. Denis Balbir

Thinking he was off the air, after a football match in which Marseille won 5-2 over Leipzig, Balbir declared “I am very happy for these arrogant queers, in the first leg, as they were sure to win…. Motherfuckers! Hihihihihi, oupsi Denis, you were live.

10. Daniel Bravo

April 2019, BeIn Sports is broadcasting the Ligue 1 match between Strasbourg and Reims. On the Strasbourg side: Nuno Da Costa, a Cape Verdean international footballer. When he scores a goal, the presenter clearly loses control “He has good stats all the same: sixth goal, fifth assist, five assists… It’s not bad for a black man, uh… For a player who hasn’t held only 17 times. “Too taaaaard. We all heard your racist remark Daniel.

11. Gregory Paisley

“He has to take Banania, there”: the words spoken by the commentator of BeIn, during a match between Iceland and Nigeria. Comments made against a black player. Well done, man. A few minutes later, he defends himself by declaring “I could have said Poulain, Benko, Nesquik,… I think that when you lack strength, that’s what you take in the morning” before continuing with the Morano card: “By the way, I would like to tell you that one of my best friends is Senegalese. It’s Habib Beye. » YOUHOU. It’s clear that it’s much better there, all of a sudden. What a nice combo, Greg.

12. Daniel Bilalian

Rio Games, 2016. Daniel Bilalian, sports boss, comments on the opening ceremony for France Television. Third table of the festivities: a historical return, in which the slave trade that the country has known is denounced. The journalist’s statement: “The slave trade was necessary here, for industrial development. OUCH. DANIEL. You shit in the glue, there.

13. Thomas Bouhail

Always on the occasion of the 2016 Olympics. This time, we are in the gymnastics test. The commentator is none other than a former gymnast: Thomas Bouhail. In the beginning, RAS. But when the Japanese athletes enter the scene, he compares them to “manga characters” and then to “little Pikachu”. Nope, that’s not funny. It’s racist.

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