Top 13 of the richest political figures in France, here the currency

Do you want to have plenty of money so you can complain about your rich problems on Twitter? I have what you need and I didn’t even have to look very far. Yes, because ultimately, when we look more closely, we realize that the people who are supposed to defend the interests of all are still not too badly off. I don’t want to spoiler, but there are even 2022 presidential candidates in this list. If you want to apply for a loan for your electricity bill, you will know who to contact.

1. Delphine Gény-Stephann: 16 million euros

You certainly don’t know her and that’s a shame (not so much) because she was Secretary of State to Bruno Le Maire between 2017 and 2018. A position not of very high responsibility, you might say. However, that does not prevent her from being the richest of ministers, in particular thanks to her three Parisian apartments, her various accommodations in Hérault, Brittany or Savoy and her 7 million euros obtained thanks to assets. financial (I don’t really know what that means, but it seems like gold balls). Good after, it should also be noted that part of her money comes from the capital of the company chaired by her husband. At least he shares, it’s nice.

Top 13 of the richest political figures in France here

Nobody knows who knows, but she is the richest minister in France

2. Valerie Pécresse: 9.7 million euros

Oh Valoch! What did we like following his presidential campaign in 2022, between his raspberry chinos and his references to Kärcher. A good moment ! It is also there that we learned that Valérie Pécresse can have fun in life since she has a heritage equivalent to 9.7 million euros. It must be said that she still has three houses, several pieces of land that are very expensive, several shares and life insurance policies and that she also has 60,000 euros worth of works of art (including a painting by Miro). At the same time, not sure that she would have had her place in this top if I had offered her one of my CP drawings for her to display in her living room. I had drawn people in prison, in case you were wondering.

3. Nicolas Hulot: 7.2 million euros

Well then, I admit, I hope to surprise you a little by telling you that, yes, a former Minister of Ecological Transition can walk around with such a large sum in his bank account. In 2017, the guy still had nine motor vehicles, which is a bit much coffee: an electric car, a 4×4, a 2CV (not polluting at all), an electric scooter, a BMW motorcycle, a car for his wife, a van, a van and a small motor boat. OKALM! Oh yes, and he also had a house in Corsica and co-owned three other properties. But 100% green huh!

4. Franck Riester: 7.1 million euros

This good old Franck, former Minister of Culture, is not outdone when it comes to talking big money, but above all load-bearing walls. According to what he declared in 2020, Franck Riester is indeed the proud owner of five commercial premises, three apartments, a house, a garage and a building of 130 m² “for use storage” (I guess he stores collectors editions of the Baby Lily albums there). But his big capital (do not see any sexual reference there) comes mainly from his shares in his car trading company. He likes big rims.

5. Muriel Penicaud: 6.5 million euros

In 2018, Muriel Pénicaud saw her assets valued at 6.5 million euros by the High Authority for the transparency of public life. It amounted to 7.5 million in 2017. Must say that she has two barracks (including one at 1.3 million euros, the naughty), interesting financial investments, life insurance contracts and quite a few savings. It’s a nice jackpot for Muriel.

6. Jean-Michel Baylet: 6.5 million euros

Our little Jean-Mi, former Minister of Territorial Planning under Hollande, can boast of having been one of the richest in his government. In 2016, he said he owned two homes in the South West, motorcycles, vintage cars and works of art. His role as co-owner of the newspaper La Dépêche du Midi also brings him a small bundle of dough. The problem is that according to certain media sources, Jean-Michel Baylet would in fact have a heritage of 8 million euros. Which would not be surprising when we know that in 2007, he was ranked by Challenges as the 480th professional fortune in France since Baylet and his family had an estimated heritage of 61 million euros. There is, as it were, a testicle in the pie.

7. Eric Dupont-Moretti: 6.3 million euros

The current Minister of Justice under Macron also has a lot of spoils. In 2020, he declared to the HATVP to hold nearly 6.3 million euros. Logical when you know that he has a Rolex, a Bentley, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, three houses and three apartments. It must also be said that the ownership of his law firm (which is worth 1.5 million), and his performances in the theater (still 180,000 euros of stamp in 2019) have also brought him quite a lot. Yes, he is a man of many talents (including that of being a misogynist, let’s not forget).

8. Laurent Fabius: 5.2 million euros

The Minister of Foreign Affairs under Hollande is also illustrated by his well-stocked heritage, equivalent to 5.2 million euros in 2014. His money, he owes it above all to his three houses, his 182 m² apartment in Paris, his life insurance, his jewellery, his works of art, his furniture and his various auctions at the Piasa house. Almost commonplace, in fact, now.

9. Emmanuelle Wargon: 5.4 million euros

Yes, we had perhaps forgotten the existence of this person. And yet, Emmanuelle Wargon, Minister Delegate in charge of Housing has nothing to blush about in the face of her colleagues since she nevertheless declared 5.4 million euros in assets in 2020. If she does not have, according to her say, only one home (at 1.8 million euros, all the same), her jackpot comes mainly from the 2.6 million euros in life insurance, placed in Luxembourg, which she inherited from his parents. Not very self-made this Emmanuelle.

10. Francoise Nyssen: 5.1 million euros

The former Minister of Culture during Macron’s first five-year term did us the honor of declaring that she had assets of 5.1 million euros in 2017. Her fortune would be essentially linked to real estate and her shares in the publishing house Actes Sud, in which she and her husband hold 95% of the capital. The problem is that when you have a lot of money, you like to have even more. Françoise Nyssen was pinned in 2018 for not having declared work done in the said publishing house in 2012 (addition of 150 square meters of mezzanines) which would have allowed the couple to reduce their property tax by a third. Not very jojo that, Françoise, huh.

11. Eric Zemmour: 4.2 million euros

Second candidate for the Presidential 2022 of this top, and not the least! The Z, as it is called in the middle, has, according to his statements of the same year, a fortune estimated at 4.2 million euros. It would consist of five apartments, four of which are Parisian, and shares in the Rubempré publishing house.

12. Christine Lagarde: a lot of money

We do not know exactly how much Christine Lagarde owns because she was already a minister in France before François Hollande made it mandatory to publish the assets of ministers and presidential candidates in 2013. Not practical to know the extent of her biff. And it is all the more difficult as a lot of data is balanced: according to Ouest France, Christine Lagarde would have received around €380,000 per year when she was at the head of the IMF and according to Business AM, her position as president of the ECB would have allowed him to receive 416,000 euros per year since 2019. Yes, that’s a lot. This is why it is a little difficult to believe the media “Rich and famous” when it tells us that Christine Lagarde has a fortune of “only” 6 million euros in 2021. Not to us in fact. We are still talking about the third most powerful woman in the world according to Forbes in 2021.

13. Dominique Strauss-Khan: a lot of money (but we don’t know how much anymore)

Because of the various legal cases that stick to her ass, Dominique Strauss-Khan has lost a lot of money over the past ten years. But the fact remains that according to Le Nouvel Obs, the former Minister of the Economy under Jacques Chirac would have earned no less than 21 million euros in five years (warm in a tax haven), between 2013 and 2019, through his company Parnasse International. DSK was even paid 5.3 million euros in 2008, the 13th highest salary in the CAC 40. It is difficult to estimate all of his assets, but we can safely say that he is nevertheless well off boy.

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