Top 13 of the most unexpected deaths in cinema, you shouldn’t blink

WARNING: this top contains spoilers. If you don’t want to be a victim of it, we advise you immediately to read another top, like the advice for creating your own sect, which has absolutely nothing to do with it, but which I’m rather proud of. For the others, you can absolutely continue reading because we are going to talk about the most unexpected deaths in cinema, a very specific thing that absolutely had to be addressed because we all want to debate certain moments in films where we were clearly not ready.

1. The Infiltrators

Well, there was already the scene of Martin Sheen’s death which really gave us a slap since we hadn’t seen it coming at all; but that of Billy Costigan (DiCaprio) was clearly, clearly not expected. That elevator door followed by the gunshot when he finally nabbed that motherfucker Matt Damon (not the character, I’m talking about the actor)… Big big shock.

2. Pulp Fiction

Yes we are talking about THAT scene, the famous fucking scene with Marvin in the car. And this death is even more unexpected since it is as much for the characters as for us: it’s just an accident with a gun. It gives a relatively comic scene with good old Tarantinesque dialogues, it’s always good to watch.

3.Harry Potter

But what death am I talking about? That of dobby Damn, he didn’t ask for anything from this little bastard, all he wanted was to collect socks, be a free elf and be considered a whole person. And they killed him for no reason on a rotten old beach that looks like Dunkirk. I am disgusted.

4. Heredity

Not content to put me in deep discomfort, this film also succeeded in shocking me deeply during this damn car scene (those who have seen it know what I’m talking about). And hell, it was well done, completely surprising, violent and traumatic, just like the film.

5. Meet Joe Black

Nah, but then that was really completely unexpected: the guy plays dead and he dies (completely stupid as a concept). And above all it bursts in a totally strange way, knocked down by 14 cars in five seconds (I’m exaggerating but that’s the impression it gives anyway). Personally, I’m still completely overwhelmed, and it’s not even the only time that Brad Pitt has died in such a surprising way.

6. Burn after reading

Yeah, Brad Pitt’s second entry in this top and frankly we could have put this death in the top 3 because we didn’t see anything coming. Okay, the scene raises the tension a bit because we see Pitt’s character stashed in the closet and Clooney’s character rummaging through the apartment and then… This face that Brad Pitt makes just before the gunshot is absolutely amazing.

7. Great

What sucks with the movie Great it’s that I feel like I’m the only one to have seen it, whereas it’s really cool and allowed to see Rainn Wilson (Dwight from “The Office”) in another role. I’m not going to spoil you too much, but at one point there is a certain character who is badly beaten up and we don’t see the thing coming at all. I try to say as little as possible so that you watch it, besides we’re just going to put the trailer and not the famous scene.

8. Blue Scare

If you haven’t seen that movie with mean sharks killing people, you can definitely go on living like that. If you decide to see it you will witness an improbable monologue by Samuel L. Jackson cut in the middle by the death of his character in a totally unexpected way. In fact the tirade was supposed to be MUCH longer, and Jackson hated the lyrics, he asked the director to shorten it and they offered to have him die during the line, to which he replied, “I’m not happy . Please kill me. The sooner you kill me the happier I will be. Another actor who begged for his character to be killed.

9. Django Unchained

Warning: rather unexpected double death at the end of Django even if I grant you it’s been thirty minutes that the tension was at its peak and we totally felt that it was going to go to the balls since we are in a Tarantino film. But does not prevent that in the space of five seconds two of the main characters of the film die in two shots and it comes out almost of nowhere.

10. Los Bastardos

Not sure a lot of people have seen this movie, kind of Funny Games strange where two guys break into a single woman’s house and squat at her house while smoking crack with her. It’s not necessarily selling, but there is a COMPLETELY out of nowhere and totally disgusting death that is in the film that I’m careful not to spoil you and that you can still see below if you have the courage.

11. Baby

Say what you want, I saw the movie once and only when I was six years old and that death still haunts me. The death of Bambi’s daronne remains one of the most unexpected and shocking deaths in cinema as it happens offscreen, just thinking about it makes me want to cry and stop crying. eat meat (which I have already started doing thanks to meat alternatives, have you seen this clever transition?)

12. I Am Legend

We are not talking about the completely stupid death of Will Smith at the end or the other completely stupid death of his family that we have been teased since the beginning of the film: we are talking about the death of Sam, the dog. We had captured that the dog had been infected during a previous scene, but in real life we ​​saw her rather leave calmly in her sleep. But no, he strangles you quietly during a hug the bastard.

13. OSS 117: Red alert in black Africa

Who saw Pierre Niney’s death coming in this film? Nobody. On the other hand, it’s as funny as it is unexpected and it constitutes (despite all the sympathy I have for the actor) by far one of the best scenes of the film.