Top 13 of the funniest scam attempts, they are afraid of nothing

Most of the people who try to scam us are not geniuses, so we are far from the clever scammer we do not see coming. We are rather sure of the rotten crook that we see arriving from miles away with his big hooves and his crap techniques. But what’s cool is that the guys are doubling their inventiveness and making us burst out laughing (DBDR TMTC) with their increasingly stupid attempts at scams. We should give them money for that after all.

1. She sang so it’s really her

“Hi this is Lady Gaga, I need $145 to continue working on my new song. Ra ra ah ah ah”

2. It’s pretty believable

“Hello I’m the UK government, you have to pay me £1500 in iTunes cards otherwise you’ll be in state of rest in sion”

3. Just believe in ghosts using Facebook

“I need your help please

_ Sir ?

_ I was trying to log into my instagram page on my new phone and they told me to find someone to get a backup code for me, will you? You really want to help me ?

_ I can not help you

_ Why ? please i need to recover my instagram account

_ You died in 2015 you idiot. »

4. Even the dog tries to scam

“The dog has already eaten. If she looks hungry it’s a scam, don’t fall for her lie! »

5. A dialogue of the deaf

“If I was a robot, how could I send you videos and photos? lol

_ Robot.

_ If I were a robot, how could I send you videos and photos? lol

_ Robot.

_ If I were a robot, how could I send you videos and photos? lol

_ Robot.

_ If I were a robot, how could I send you videos and photos? lol

_ Robot.

… »

6. A golden proposition

“Hello my friend Mr. Matthew. It has been a long time. How are you ? My dog ​​Teddy had diarrhea recently. Would you like to see one of these four? I am sorry. I hope I’m not bothering you? »

“Are you asking me if I want to see Teddy or if I want to see his diarrhea?” Regardless, the answer is yes. »

7. He lost his temper

“_ Excuse me, my name is Stephanie. Is that Mr. Conrad’s phone number?

_ Yes

_ Oh, I’m sorry, I thought it was my business partner’s number. Maybe my assistant got it wrong. I’m sorry if I disturbed you!

_ No Steph, it’s me don’t worry, you have the right number

_ Thank you, you are a really nice person! My assistant will take care of it! Delighted to meet you. Where are you from ?

_ I am your business partner, you should know the answer to this silly question

_ Kiss my ass

_ Ahahah that was unexpected. What a twist. »

8. Wrong number, but tries anyway just in case

“Hi, are you Joel’s friend?” I am Mary.

_ Hi Mary. Wrong number.

_ Joel Smith told me that you had a British Shorthair cat that you wanted to sell.

_ I had one, but we had no more meat, so we cooked it for dinner. »


“Hey it’s Michael Jackson, I’m writing to you from a private account. I’m not really dead, can you send me $600 so I can come back to the States and release more music. Hee Hee! »

10. This second “hello” doesn’t sound like a killer

” Hello

_ Hi who are you ?

_ I am a serial killer and assassin. I was paid $20,000 in advance ransom to kill you with certain reasons listed by my employer.

– Hello.

“Your life is at stake.”

11. This link is creepy

“Anna, your personal files will soon be deleted. Upgrade your iCloud storage before it’s too late: »

12. It’s him without a doubt

“Help Kelly

Hello sir madam

This is R Kelly, As you know I’m about to be jailed like no other after impacting the world with my compositions, I need your help to find a lawyer to help me. A donation of $100 would be nice. If you don’t mind, I’ll send you my PayPal. Thank you for your reply “


I believe I can fly”

13. If she says it’s not illegal, then believe her.

“I’m Denise Brown from the US Army, I’m currently in Syria and I need to know if you can help me keep some packages safe. I will give more details as soon as I have a positive answer, just keep in mind that it is in no way illegal. »

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