Top 13 of the first names of French cities, it had more mouth

Like MC Solaar, I must remind you that times are changing. And with times, names. Thus most cities in France have not always had the blases they have now. We take our magnifying glass and take a closer look.

1. Franciscopolis for Le Havre

Literally it meant “the city of François”, we could also say “Ville Françoise” but it slaps a little less. This name given to the city in 1517 is simply explained by the fact that François I built one of the first major ports there. Here is. Not enough to break three legs of a duck, even a duck from Le Havre.

2. Rotomagus for Rouen

When the Gallo-Romans went on vacation to Rouen they spoke of Rotomagus (or Rothomagus when they wanted to burn a little). This name possibly comes from “magos” which meant “market” in Celtic. The funny thing to remember is that the city was then the capital of the Véliocasses, a Gallic people who also have a very funny name.

3. Tolosa for Toulouse

Already a little closer to the name we know today. It seems to date back to the 2nd century BC. J.-C., it is at least what the ancient writings reveal but difficult to know if the origin is Celtic or Iberian. Its transformation into Toulouse is the result of the pronunciation of the inhabitants.

4. Nikaia for Nice

How it sends the block for a city that is banging Christian Estrosi as mayor. Indeed, the word then came from the Greek and meant “the victorious”. On the other hand, we don’t really know which victory it refers to, so bullshit this blase a bit if you want my opinion.

If you don’t want my opinion, press the star key.

5. Lugdunum for Lyon

Yes. OK. Corn. Why.

Well it’s very simple Jamy (crosspost of this top with the universe of C’est par sorcier, hang in there). Lugdunum comes from the word “dunum” which means the hill (which also means, tricky town for cyclists) and “lug” which means the sun. Let’s basically say it means the hill in the light. For a capital of the gratton, the city was already farting quite a bit.

Top 13 of the first names of french cities, it had more mouth

6. Massilia for Marseilles

Well then we can say that there is change. First Massilia in 45 BC. J.-C., then Marcelie in the 12th century then Marseilles in the 13th century (it hurts the eyes this spelling of medieval fennec).

7. Lutetia for Paris

OK, you certainly knew this one for the simple and good reason that we have all already read an Asterix volume. But do you know where the Lutèce appellation comes from? Mud, nothing more, nothing less. Luta means “mud” in Latin. And the inhabitants of this charming little town called the Parisii, we rather kept Paris. None of this explains why the coffee on the terrace sells for more than €2.5.

Top 13 of the first names of french cities, it had more mouth

8. Condevincnum for Nantes

Hyper stylax as a name (which incidentally means “confluent”) but very far from the current name. In fact the city was then inhabited by the Namnètes, a Gallic people. And since they were nice, we renamed the city based on their name.

I’m kidding, I don’t know if they were really nice, I don’t know them and I wasn’t born at the time.

Top 13 of the first names of french cities, it had more mouth
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9. Argentorate to Starsbourg

Yes. I know you’re in shock but it’s the real truth. This is indeed its ancient name in 40 BC. AD And you can’t change that.

10. Monte pestellario for Montpellier

This one you could have guessed since it’s just the Latinized version of the same name that we know well. As you might imagine, “monte” refers to the hill and “pastell” to plants (and those who didn’t suspect this are idiots).

11. Burdigala for Bordeaux

Under its air of Paris 2, let’s not forget that Bordeaux is above all a city located on marshes. This is what “gala” means. As for “Burd”, it means “shelter” and therefore shows that in Bordeaux we are sheltered from the marshes.

BUT NOT SAFE TO LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(find me every night live on friends before).

Top 13 of the first names of french cities, it had more mouth

12. Insula for Lille

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? You mean that in fact Lille comes from the island? Well yeah my little friend (it’s point 12 we can start the familiarities). In fact the city was built next to an island so we said to ourselves “yeah Bernard (we are then in 1104 and the first name Bernard is very common) I said to myself, since we are not far from an island on the Deûle, we only have to say that here it’s called Insula, and then afterwards if people want to call it Lille, that’s up to them”.

Top 13 of the first names of french cities, it had more mouth
Picture credits: Topito

13. Nanciaco for Nancy

No !

But if !

Nope !

Yes !

I love this valve.

Top 13 of the first names of french cities, it had more mouth
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