Top 13 of the best tweets about leaving school (a so cool moment)

Having a child is already a bit tricky because it screams and it raises a lot of complicated questions. So when the time comes for him to start school, it’s even more of a hassle. You have to wake him up when it’s 7am, help him put on his clothes for 20 minutes and not pick the wrong kid when you pick him up at the exit. Fortunately, we are not alone in the galley and the twittos share great anecdotes to make the community laugh.

1. It’s likely

2. Super dad but not too much

3. I would have taken the shark no questions asked.

4. Ah yeah not phew the picnic

5. I would have liked to have this audacity at 13 years old

6. The Good Life

7. It makes you want to procreate

8. Worst parent on the planet

9. Worst time of day

10. Or in a club to drink shots

11. Way too cute

12. There are days with it, and days with nothing at all

If you have funny anecdotes to tell, like the time your child started digging a pool in the garden 10 minutes before leaving for school, you can write all that in the comments.

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