Top 13 of the best regions of France

Now that we only have 13 regions, we can make a ranking. Because before, at more than 30, it would have been too long a ranking. France is a land of plenty, there’s food and drink everywhere. But in some places more than elsewhere.

1. The Great East

We add Grand to something and we think it becomes cool. The Grand Hotel. The Big Manitou. The Great East. Let’s be serious: Colmar is pretty and Strasbourg is nice, but if the goal in life is to live in almost Germany-and-Belgium while eating sausages in front of Épinal station, I’m not signing. Ok, there is champagne, Ok, there are pretty typical Lorraine villages. But have you ever spent a Sunday afternoon in Sedan in the rain? Me, yes.

2. Ile-de-France

Well, if we were going to live in the greater Parisian suburbs? We could hit public transport every day to go to work, pay super expensive rent, live in small sad residential towns or in a 20 square meter apartment at 1000 bullets in Paris, breathe good big pollution, never see the sea , take forever to join our friends and stupefy us in front of a computer to earn a shitty salary? In addition, on weekends, we could take the RER to go to Fontainebleau. How cool Fontainebleau is!

3. The Centre-Val-de-Loire

Hi Loisel, you have been transferred to:– Blois– Chartres– Orléans– Tours– Vierzon– Dreux– Châteauroux

Dark Loisel. They’re not cities, they’re brands of antidepressants. One day, a Castelroussine said to me: “Châteauroux looks like a town rebuilt after the Second World War, but in fact even the Nazis didn’t come. »

Top 13 of the best regions of france
Picture credits: Communication Department of the Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council

4. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

In winter, you can go to Super Besse, in summer, you can go for a walk in Lyon. Ah Super. Well, if you like skiing, that’s fine, otherwise you’ll have to manage to choose a base between the Michelin factories of Clermont-Ferrand, the crassiers of Saint-Étienne-European-city-of-design and walks in company of old people in Vichy. Yes, there are plenty of super pretty corners, there are super pretty corners everywhere, but I eat Saint-Nectaire near the fire in the middle of June to forget that Saint-Pourçain is not so good , very little for me.


Provence must have been something before it was invaded by old idiots and tourists. At Pagnol’s, it makes you really want to. In addition, you are right next to Italy and Mont-Blanc, we eat well, the weather is good and the scrubland is beautiful. Seen like that… Yeah but I forgot, now it’s invaded by old idiots and tourists.

6. Hauts-de-France

In fact, they make the best beer there and the people are nice. But the weather is shitty, and if you live near Laon, you’re in bad shape. You can go to Lille, Lille is nice for a city that is not Belgian. The rest is non-stop discussions about migrants, walks on the beach of Malo Bray-Dunes and voting very very right. You surprise me that some try to flee to England.

7. Normandy

On the one hand the bourgeoisie regretting its past splendor (Honfleur, Deauville), on the other the poor rurality and the German bullets in the plaster of the houses (Bayeux, Saint-Lô). Normandy and its Norman villages are pretty, but how sad. We go from villages whose names end in town to other villages whose names end in town, time has been frozen for 150 years and we feel a kind of dull anguish. Normandy is pretty. All those cliffs, all that Xanax.

8. Corsica

Yes, it’s pretty, yes it was a great vacation. But it’s still far away and not always welcoming. And the GR20 is good, we did it. Still, it’s still not bad at all from very very cool.

9. Burgundy-Franche-Comté

There are snails, good wine and Comté. There is also the Nièvre, with napins, and I love this joke. We must not be bad there. We must not be well either. We hope to be able to flee to the territory next door, but it is the territory of Belfort. We are stuck.

10. Pays de la Loire

Nantes is very pretty. Angels too. There are plenty of cool islands. Saint-Nazaire is sad, but it is a restful sadness. You can go boating even if you’re not rich. The countryside is nice. If we took the Vendée out of the Pays de la Loire and replaced it with La Rochelle, the Pays de la Loire could be winners of the competition.

11. Brittany

To the south, the wind bends the tall grass on exceptional cliffs. In the North, people drink non-stop while being in a good mood. In the middle, there are menhirs. Around, there are cool houses and seafood. Besides, you can eat pancakes, shitty pancakes, it’s great. The language is funny. People wear hats. We can’t take any more bagads. Number 3.

Top 13 of the best regions of france
Picture credits: Topito

12. New Aquitaine

If you agree to bang the guys who surf in Biarritz and the ferias of Bayonne, New Aquitaine, it’s still pleasant. There is La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Arcachon and the Spanish border, Dordogne, Landes, and Niort. Sort of gloubiboulga with jumble of wine, funny accents, sun, sea, finally you see the picture, we are not going to COMPLAIN. Number 2.

13. Occitania

The Lot and the Lozère are magnificent; Montpellier and Nîmes are cities where lots of things happen. The wine is improving. People are nice. The accent is nice. Toulouse is all pink. We end up liking Nougaro. The town of Foix makes everyone laugh. Number 1.

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