Top 13 most abused millionaire private jet trips they weren’t going to take…

Do you think that if you were rich, you would become a big jerk? If you don’t say “No!! in a very shocked tone, you’re already one, sorry. In any case, what is certain is that some millionaires (and billionaires) do not even ask themselves the question and act just like, in all humility. Many therefore do not hesitate to use their private jets and go on short outings in one life mode whenever they want. Personally, if I could do the same thing, I would surely make a round trip from Le Bourget Airport – Super U de Blois. A dream among many others.

1. Kylie Jenner took a 3-minute private jet flight

Why bother taking the car for 55km as the crow flies when you can take a little jet to go faster? Kylie Jenner followed the fine example of her daronne who also likes to take ridiculously short plane trips. And since she doesn’t seem to care about having a green image, she also posted a photo on insta of her jet facing that of her boyfriend, writing just below “So, we take yours or mine ? “. Indecency has a name, that of Kylie.

How long would it have taken to do it by car: 47 min, the time to make a complete Brazilian bracelet.

2. Bernard Arnault took his private jet for a 10-minute flight

Come on, don’t tell me you thought our favorite French billionaire wouldn’t be in this top anyway. I assure you, our darling Bernard has made great performances in recent years, especially his 10-minute flight from West London to East London. Well done Bernard, keep it up my champion.

How long would it have taken to do it by car: 1 hour max with traffic jams if you are generous.

3. Elon Musk took his private jet for a 9-minute trip

And yes, the new boss of Twitter also honors us with his presence in this top, even if we suspected it a little. Frankly, who wouldn’t have taken a jet to travel the 83 km that separate San José from San Francisco, huh, who??

How long would it have taken to do it by car: 55 min when driving moderately.

4. Boxer Floyd Mayweather flew 4 minutes on a private jet

You may want to hit humans and the planet, one does not prevent the other, and that’s why Floyd Mayweather does not hesitate to make ever shorter flights.

How long would it have taken to do it by car: 15 min to big words.

5. Benjamin Castaldi took his jet for 12 minutes

Secret Story, it changes you a man. Now, Benji doesn’t give a damn about being considered a big polluter in the eyes of the French by making a bet-Brussels at 15,000 balls. Or, he never had anything to square? The question needs to be asked.

How long would it have taken to do it by car: 3:50 a.m., but hey, there’s also the Thalys if you’re too lazy to drive along motorway rest areas.

6. Manchester United players took a private jet for a 10-minute flight

Nah, but because you understand, the players shouldn’t exhaust themselves up the three steps of the coach to reach Leicester, 119 km away as the crow flies. All that to have fun, 2 to 4, and bah super, happy to have come.

How long would it have taken to do it by car: 2 hours, time to make good progress on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

7. Famous golfer Tiger Woods took a throw for 6 minutes.

If Mr. Woods throws his ball a little too far, don’t count on him to get it if his jet doesn’t have enough fuel, knowing that he travels 63 km by plane.

How long would it have taken to do it by car: 47 minutes, enough time to complete 3/4 level 2 crossword puzzles.

8. Steven Spielberg took an 18-minute private jet flight

There is only an urgency of realization which could push Steven Spielberg to take a jet to rally the 57 km as the crow flies which separate Amsterdam from Rotterdam. I don’t see any other explanation.

How long would it have taken to do it by car: 1:05 a.m., enough time to watch three episodes of Friends by skipping the credits.

9. The JC Decaux jet was used for 40 minutes of flight

And no, it’s not just in the US or abroad that the rich are big polluters of shit, in France too, we have our little nuggets and in particular the JC Decaux gang. A member used the group’s plane to make a Paris-Nantes round trip on the same day, certainly to go and taste Petits LU, there’s no doubt about it.

How long would it have taken to do it by car: 4 hours, just enough time to catch up on the last two episodes of Koh-Lanta that you missed.

10. Tom Cruise took a 13-minute flight in a private jet.

Let’s hope that Tom Cruise didn’t use his jet to shoot all the airplane scenes in Top Gun otherwise, I can clearly tell you that we’re going to crash in the next two days as there will have been CO2 emitted.

How long would it have taken to do it by car: 1 h 15 with a little disturbed traffic.

11. Jay-Z took his jet for a 7-minute flight

In addition to having a plane branded Puma, a friendly brand that benefits from the forced labor of the Uyghur community, Jay-Z said to himself that he would also shit on the environment by traveling 78 km as the crow flies in private plane. Oh what a wonderful idea!

How long would it have taken to do it by car: 2 h 10, enough time to read at least 43 tops from Topito.

12. François Henri-Pinault used his jet for 23 min of flight

Decidedly, the French have decided to shine in this top, with the inimitable François-Henri Pinault who enjoys 23 minutes in the air. Make FH bite!

How long would it have taken to do it by car: 2h 25, the time to find a viable start-up project over 3 years based on crowdfunding.

13. Drake took his jet to travel for 6 minutes.

You understand, Canada is so big that you have to take the plane even to reach Hamilton in Toronto, two cities separated by 61 km as the crow flies. Olala, but what an incredible country anyway!

How long would it have taken to do it by car: 1 hour, the ideal time to finish a Rubik’s Cube without taking off the labels.

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