Top 13 mistakes we all make with our washing machine

If you too have ever found yourself, like me, crying in front of your washing machine because it no longer drains and you have 15 liters of liquid that spilled into your bathroom and your clothes are soaked in a dubious liquid from which escapes a slight aroma of demonic shit, this top should help you fight against this household scourge. I know what I mean. I’ve been living in denial about my bathroom for a week. So now I can tell you that I’m stuck on the bullshit we all do with our unfortunate washing machine.

1. Blind her to the brim with 17 kilos of clothes

It’s good to want to save washes. Really it’s nice as an eco-responsible gesture for the planet. Well done. Except that in fact by doing this you are seriously damaging your machine and if it is the type to keep its mouth shut and still turn despite being overweight, it risks making a face when emptying. Not to mention that it washes clothes less well.

Top 13 mistakes we all make with our washing machine

2. Always close the door of the machine

Danger wetland. And like any wet area, it must be ventilated. Simple. Basic.

3. Never wash it alone without anything

Just because it’s a washing machine doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be washed too. A machine requires love but also a little fresh water. The ideal is to start a wash with water (and from time to time you can start a wash only with white vinegar to descale as much as possible) at 60°C at least, and every 3 to 6 months. Yeah I know it hurts your school soul…

4. Tossing your clothes haphazardly in the machine without ever checking the pockets

Already it’s totally stupid because it’s the best way to fuck up your clothes by mixing them up anyhow. But not to mention the packet of cigarettes forgotten in the back pocket of your jeans, there is a whole lot of little shit that can end up in your washing machine filter and could give you a lot of trouble. So much trouble you could knit a sweater.

In short, it is better to check to avoid this:

5. Leave trouser fly open

And yeah, I’ll give you a bite to eat my little quails. Well imagine that the zippers when they are open are more likely to be damaged more quickly by multiple washes. So if you like to walk around with your fly open in front of your colleagues, everything is fine, continue on this voice. Otherwise, immediately change your behavior, you little wanton.

6. Wash systematically at 40 or 60°

No, but it’s okay, kind of animal? What’s your problem with the heat? Not only by doing this you risk destroying your clothes faster than expected (unless your clothes are made of duvet cover, steel or resin) but you are also consuming energy like a pig. So where is your green conscience? Motherfucker, go! Bastard! Greta Thunberg, if she wasn’t vegan, she’d eat you alive.

7. Wash your jeans right side up

It’s the best way to fade your jeans but since your jeans are already faded because you like to smack 300 bullets to get faded jeans, you’ll fade it even faster. It’s super stupid. So you wash your jeans inside out. Or you don’t wash your jeans, it’s useless damn it, jeans are one of the clothes you never need to wash.

Top 13 mistakes we all make with our washing machine
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8. Dry your clothes in the dryer

Not only is it not a good idea at all to keep your clothes alive, but it also consumes way too much energy. So too bad if you live in a maid’s room (you shouldn’t be poor, shit too! flute, what! damn, what! goat shit, what!) but the clothes deserve to dry on a good tancarville families. There’s nothing like cooling off your hovel during a heat wave.

9. Use fabric softener

Well yeah. Big hallu guys. Me the first I fell in syncope (or pregnant, I don’t know anymore) by learning this breathtaking information. The softener is a bit like the conditioner, it’s useless it’s full of disgusting products. Here is.

10. Add eight liters of detergent

A little cap is enough, stay stable. The more detergent you put in, the more work it gives your machine and the more it risks going into a lollipop. Even downright eating lollipops.

Top 13 mistakes we all make with our washing machine

11. Use soda instead of detergent

OOPS the stupid thing.

12. Put a child instead of your clothes


13. Shoot her with live ammunition when she destroyed your alpaca ass hair sweater

Especially if you don’t have a gun license. Legality is important when you want to succeed in life. On this subject, I recommend our article on people who don’t know how to use their washing machine, it’s a delight.

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