Top 13 mistakes not to make with your oven

You like this section more than anything, you were impatiently waiting for something new, and… YESIII your new top of “mistakes not to make” is finally here! Noooo, don’t cry. I understand your emotion, and your anxiety to see all your habits shaken up again. It’s not easy, but we do it for you. Today, we’re talking convection heat, baking paper and oven mitts… Yes, well done! It’s time to establish all the mistakes not to make with your oven!

1. Do not wash it

It seems obvious, but admit it… Can you swear to me, straight in the face, that you do it as often as necessary? As soon as a little of your dish falls on the plate, you have to clean it right away (just wait for it to cool down, don’t be nervous).

Also get into the habit of cleaning the buttons (the temperature, program and timer buttons) after each use. Touching food, then a surface, without disinfecting, is clearly hosting a germs open house. yuck.

2. … Or clean it with aggressive products

You have to find the right balance between big filth that leaves your scorched food moldy, and maniac who polishes everything with ultra-stripping products. Choose natural products (such as white vinegar and baking soda), and banish those that are too chemical. They could give off toxic fumes and contaminate your dishes.

4. Not airing it out

After using it, remember to ventilate your oven for a few tens of minutes to eliminate bad smells. So yes, it will embalm your kitchen a little more at the moment. If it’s fish, open the windows. If it’s a chocolate cake, close your eyes and let yourself be lulled by its absolutely exquisite scents.

5. Do not preheat it

I know: lazy. But in reality, it’s a wonderful time saver! Fire up your oven while you cook. Once your recipe is finished, the oven will be ready to welcome it and cook it faster. Conversely, cooking will take longer if your oven is not already at temperature.

6. Opening the door in the middle of cooking

RED FLAG. NEVER EVER (RE)DO THIS. NEVER. It’s tempting to check the cooking, but this small gesture brings outside air into the device and breaks the heat. Results: your cakes and bread come out all flat. So you have to watch through the glass, if you don’t want to ruin all your efforts.

Top 13 mistakes not to make with your oven

8. Cook food directly on the grill

No longer using baking paper does not mean no longer using anything at all! On the contrary ! Never cook any food directly on the grill. First, we have known better in terms of hygiene. Second, you’re going to mess everything up. Finally, you risk finding your 4-cheese pizza literally stuck to the plate or worse… Passed through the grid. WE WILL QUICKLY BUY HIS LITTLE COOKING MAT!

9. Do not change oven temperature when using black metal pan

Whew? Oh yeah, you read it well ! Black or dark, metal or Pyrex pans absorb heat and brown dishes more quickly. If this type of mold is used, the indicated temperature must be reduced by 15°C.

Top 13 mistakes not to make with your oven

10. Start cooking without taking the time to defrost the frozen food

Well, you will say to me again “waaaaw the lazy”. Honestly… I understand you. But this is still not the technique to adopt! According to Frank Proto, chef instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, “If you put frozen or partially frozen food in the oven, it will affect the cooking time because it will have to thaw before cooking. » On foods such as meat or chicken, if the cooking is not sufficient, you could downright poison your guests. Lazy, ok, but not when it can have serious repercussions on health!

12. Not letting your dish rest

It smells booooo cookies, and we just want to jump on them while they are hot! Be patient, just a little bit. The ideal is to let them rest for about 5 minutes before taking them out, to avoid any thermal shock. 5 tiny minutes, and you can stuff yourself.

Top 13 mistakes not to make with your oven

13. Respect cooking times to the letter

Contrary to what one might think, respecting cooking times to the letter is a bad idea. All ovens are different and molds affect baking differently. It is therefore more prudent to rely on the appearance and texture, rather than the time indicated in your book.

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