Barely a few weeks at the head of government and already Amélie Oudéra-Castéra, our new Minister of National Education, Youth, Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games (just that) has more pots on her back than my Mobalba kitchen. Thank God, Médiapart was keen to make the French aware of some elements of the lady's past, particularly with regard to the salaries she was able to receive and especially the schooling of her children…

So, we reveal to you in preview the next information which will release the aptly named AOC (even though it is not at all a controlled designation of origin).

Do we do clairvoyance? Maybe.

Are we talking nonsense? Maybe.

Wouldn't that still be completely impossible? Clearly.

The revelations we have learned so far

She put her children in private

Not great for a Minister of Education who is supposed to manage public schools to send her children to private schools. But you will tell me… all politicians put their kids in the private sector, left or right… So without harping on it we can just see that politicians are totally out of touch with the majority of French people and that says it all. already long on the gap which is widening between the members of the government and the plebs.

She lied about why she put her kids in private and not public

This is where things started to get tough for AOC. After declaring that she had transferred her children from public to private because of a “lot of hours” not being replaced, several media revealed that the minister had lied like a tooth puller. Only one of his children attended Littré public nursery school for a few months and his teacher was never absent. Caught in the mythologizing bag. It's not pretty…

She chose to send her kids to Stanislas College, a rather dubious choice

Yes, at the same time, we learned that if Amélie Oudéra-Castéra had put her children in Stanislas, it was mainly because the teachers at the Littré school refused to make AOC's kid skip a class because that he was too small to move from the small section to the medium section. Suddenly, neither one nor two, the minister decided to put her son in one of the most prestigious establishments in France: I named Stanislas College, a private Catholic school which has been, since the beginning of the 2000s, in the context of various cases of violence and sexual assault.

So yes, she is not the only one to like Stanislas, Jean-Michel Blanquer (former Minister of Education) was himself a student, as was François Baroin and a whole bunch of other deputies, mayors, senators. It's not for nothing that it is at the top of the rankings of the best French educational establishments, beautiful people frequent it. On the other hand, when it comes to teaching…

Collège Stanislas is an ultra-Catho school where some teachers make anti-abortion remarks and support conversion therapy for LBGTQ+ people.

Ah well journalists don't have to look for them, eh, we give them a controversy and an establishment and presto, they make the connection! Suddenly, thanks to their excavations, we learned that this “school” and its teachers could make sexist, homophobic remarks and gently condemned the use of condoms during sexual intercourse because it is important to have a child with person we love. YAY.

Also note that AOC deliberately suppressed a damning inspection report, denouncing the abuses of the establishment, which she had known about for months.

The minister obtained a pass to send her children to high school

Yes, a new twist in the AOC affair after the revelations about Stanislas's excesses: like several students each year, one of the minister's children did not have to go through Parcoursup to enter the establishment in preparatory class for large schools. To get around the rules of the orientation site, the minister's son just had to make one wish to secure a place in prep. Truly, a pure example of equal opportunities this establishment.

Oh yes, she also chose to put her sons in single-sex classes

It's when you think it's going to stop that in fact NOT AT ALL (keep going, we're enjoying it). After the revelations about the Parcoursup bypass, Médiapart revealed that the minister had voluntarily chosen to place these three boys in single-sex classes and therefore to separate them from girls throughout their schooling. It’s still stupid for a minister supposed to fight against discrimination and stereotypes at school, eh…

She got paid handsomely for poor meetings

If we look away a little from Amélie Oudéra-Castéra's children to focus on the minister, we realize that the number of controversies against her is not about to decrease. Latest controversy to date, his staggering salary at the head of the FFT. She would thus have received 500,000 euros gross annually, including an annual bonus on the objective of 100,000 euros between 2021 and 2022. But this is not the worst, since at the same time, considering that she was “not well paid” at the FFT, she would also have received 53,000 euros from the Lyon group Plastic Omnium for simply having participated in eight meetings as an administrator. So OK it's not stolen money eh, she's not a Fillon as they say, but frankly she's never done a job that doesn't count in K??? Like hostess, cashier or delivery person?

The revelations that are sure to follow, we tell you straight away

She would have paid Stanislas's sports teacher so that her child would not go to swimming lessons

It seems that she begged Gabriel Attal to become her kids' geo teacher so that he could explain to them the urban organization of the 6th arrondissement in the 21st century because he knows the area really well. NICE.

She would force her sons to eat prime rib at every meal, including breakfast, to make them real men.

On the weekend, on the other hand, it's deer burgundy. On the other hand, we should not make them eat quinoa or salad like fragile people.

She allegedly burned down three basketball stores because she loved leather shoes

His hatred of tennis would have started when leaving school, after coming across three students in sneakers who were not wearing them to play sports, but to live.

She allegedly pushed Alexandra Occario-Cortez down the stairs on purpose so that she fell

A witness even heard him shout from the top of the stairwell “There can only be one AOC on this planet and it will be mooooooi, muahahahah”. Scary.

She allegedly abandoned her fourth child because she was a girl

Everyone knows she only wanted boys so they could go to the coolest gender classes in the school.

She would have hired someone to kill Jules Ferry

Obviously, it was out of pure self-defense because the sight of any symbol of secular, free and compulsory school gives him spasms and nodular clusters in the back of his throat.

Not afraid to make reliable comments at 12%.

By Vanniyar Adrian

Vanniyar Adrian is a seasoned journalist with a passion for uncovering stories that resonate with readers worldwide. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to journalistic integrity, Ganesan has contributed to the media landscape for over a decade, covering a diverse range of topics including politics, technology, culture, and human interest stories.