Top 13 French words that do not exist in other languages

The French language exports rather not too badly. So there are a lot of French words that you can use outside, handy for learning foreign languages ​​two 2spi. But imagine that there are also absolutely untranslatable French words in other languages ​​and it was reading an edifying article by Slate that put us on the path to this top.

Attention, this top suffers from our polyglot limits and is mainly based on languages ​​close to ours. But if you have any other examples of words to give us, we’re all ears.

1. “Whistleblower” in Spanish

This is indeed what Slate’s article reveals. Finally if we can say “lanzador de alertas” but there is not a single word that expresses the idea, as in French elsewhere.

Top 13 french words that do not exist in other languages

2. “Dépaysement” in English, Spanish and Portuguese (and in quite a few other languages ​​in fact)

As far as the English language is concerned, we even gave you a list of French words that have no equivalent in English, so we won’t quote them all again here, but you can count words like ” Crapter” or “defenestrate”. Crazy, right?

3. A “pied-à-terre” remains a “pied-à-terre” in quite a few languages

Here again, the expression is rarely translated into other languages, however it is kept as such and thus retains its same meaning in other languages. Basically, we were just too lazy to find another word. We preferred to drink shots instead.

4. Ditto for “Marinière”

Oh yeah guys. The marinière is so French that it’s hard to translate it other than “striped sweater”.

6. “Yes” in Chinese

If we can agree in Chinese, the word “yes” as such does not really know an equivalent.

Top 13 french words that do not exist in other languages

7. The “berezina” in no language

While the symbolic word failure refers to the Berezina battle in 1812 which ended in defeat for the French soldiers against the Russians. And logically, it would be quite complicated to translate this historical expression concretely.

8. “Alluring” in many languages

Most languages ​​don’t have the equivalent words for “alluring” and settle for a simple “sexy” that is much less rich in imagination.

9. “Curp Up” in Tons of Tongues

Even if between us, no one talks about curling up anymore but rather says PLS. That said, the expression “lateral position of safety” to speak of suffering has not really been exported either.

10. “Fed up” in Spanish

An expression well in the image of the French spirit. Besides, I wonder how the other countries do which do not benefit from this expression and which cannot even express their “fed up” to say it.

12. The “aperitif” neither in English nor in Spanish

Certainly we can say happy hour but it’s still not the same thing as the aperitif. Here is another good proof that we are alcoholics. Our drunken jargon is beyond comprehension.

13. BONUS: “Entrepreneur” in French

Among the great quotes that we owe to George W. Bush, here is one of his beautiful exits “The problem with the French is that they have no word for Entrepreneur”. Clearly the guy was misinformed.

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