Top 13 Forgotten Star Fates Of The 90s The Good Old Days

Come on, let’s give you your dose of nostalgia with a little throwback to the 90s. Today, we give you news of stars of the time. Stars you may have forgotten and most certainly lost sight of. Well, they haven’t been idle for the most part, so we’ll tell you everything right now. It was the 90s anyway…

1. Menelik

The singer of the legendary bye Bye was on top in the 90s but found himself without a record company in 2000 following an album that had completely flopped. After that, he continued to write but mainly got into fashion, creating a brand of clothing for golfers, and audiovisual production. In 2017, he returned with a new album (under the name MNLK) and joined the “L’âge d’or du rap français” tour and then the “Born in 90” tour two years later. Not sure we’ll see him again in the top 50 but it’s nice to know that he was able to continue the music.

2. Benny B

Benny B, or Abdel Hamid Gharbaoui, formed the rap group Benny-B with DJ Daddy K at a time when we knew absolutely nothing about rap. In 1989, the two smashed everything with the tube You are crazy and remained at the top for a good part of the 90s. Afterwards, the fame fell and Benny B had to resume a normal life. He became transport coordinator at Brussels airport, before joining more recently the “Star 80” and “Born in 90” tours. What to put a little butter in the spinach.

3. Hélène Rolles

The star ofHelen and the boys and also performer of the magnificent My name is Helene lived through the entire 90s decade on her sitcom persona, and she was adored for it. Unfortunately for her, this kind of career always comes to an end at one point or another, and the passage to 2000 has completely closed her. Helene had even attempted a return to dark reality TV, first company, but it was a big flop. But the wheel still turns, and in the 2010s, nostalgia was all the rage, which allowed him to make a real comeback for his aging audience. A role in The mysteries of love, a new album, and it was almost like in the nineties. Almost, that is to say that the girl is no longer really a mega star either, but it allowed her to bounce back well anyway.

4. Adel and Frank from 2Be3

2Be3 is one of the biggest musical phenomena that France has ever known. No kidding. It was the era of boy bands, something we never experienced again after the 90s. And 2Be3 was made up of three members: Adel, Frank and Filip, three models spotted by a record company. Their adventure ended in 2001, and we learned with sadness of the death of Filip Nikolic in 2009. Since then, Frank Delay has embarked on the theater, and Adel Kachermi has become an entrepreneur: he has launched a rental company private jets and then a luxury concierge company. The guys did well.


Do you remember Moos, the short-lived singer of the single In the name of the Rose ? He had only been a whirlwind in our lives in 1999, but you might be wondering what has become of him since. Well know that in 2005 he opened a tea room and a nightclub in Toulouse and that he sometimes performed there in the 2010s accompanied by his friend Lââm.

6. Laam

Here, let’s talk about Lââm precisely: in 1998, she had smashed everything with her cover of Sing for those far from home by Michael Berger. Afterwards, she remained very popular, but in terms of music, it waned a bit over time. In the 2010s, we hardly saw her anymore, but she participated in Les Enfoirés and participated as a columnist in Do not touch My TV in 2016 (participation that she experienced very badly, not surprising given the team) before participating in reality TV The Island in 2018. Last feat of arms: a slightly catastrophic participation in Dance with the stars in 2021. Now, she is much more discreet and hardly talks about her private life anymore, so we don’t know more.

7. Assia

Long before Vitaa became the queen of French RnB, Assia was a hit in the 90s by being a backing vocalist for the AMER Ministry then appearing in the clips of Doc Gyneco and Ärsenik, before dropping the super hit She is yours in 2000 and to make a duo with Diam’s in 2005. But 2005 was also the year of his decline. We haven’t heard from her for almost 15 years, but in 2020 she returned thanks to the “Born in 90” tour. A priori, she should continue the music, so we wish her to make a winning comeback like Vitaa one of these four.

8. Baby Charlie

Aaaaah Baby Charli… Even today, we wonder how a guy who played a big baby in a stroller and sang Who has khaki poop stuck to the cucu was able to go on TV and present the show Iapiap on Canal J for 4 years. However, it all really happened. Well imagine that the man in the disguise was called Charli Saubestre and that he still continues in the middle of the show, and even that he also continues to represent himself as Baby Charli. Impressive.

9. Charlie and Lulu

The show’s star hosts hit-machine remained friends and continued to evolve in the world of TV. Charly Nestor toured the United States before returning to France and hosting a children’s program on TV Pitchoun, when Jean-Marc Lubin (aka Lulu) became production manager for the Non Stop People channel. It makes us nostalgic.

10. Larisa Oleynik

The main actress of Alex’s Incredible Powers, a fantastic series that we all watched between 1994 and 1998, has completely disappeared from the radar. Well, almost completely, since she has made a few appearances on TV and in movies, notably in Ten good reasons to dump you. She continues her merry way as an actress but still stays away from the celebrity that she can’t stand too much. In this case, we wish him that it continues like this then.

Top 13 Forgotten Star Fates Of The 90s The Good

11. Callan Mulvey (Hartley’s Drazik, Hearts Soaked)

We told you about the fate of this handsome kid from the series Hartley, hearts raw in another top, so we’ll make it short: after the series, in 2004, Callan Mulvey had a big car accident which cost him major surgeries. After a lot of rehabilitation, and while some even thought he was dead, Mulvey made a comeback to the cinema in the 2010s and even joined the castings of very big productions like Zero Dark Thirty, 300: Birth of an Empire, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Avengers: Endgame. Very stylish return.

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12. Severine Ferrer

The host of Fan of and of dance machinecult shows of the 90s, had started very early since she hosted Severine Club at the age of 9 in 1986. Her career on TV continued more discreetly in the 2000s and then stopped in 2010. For 10 years, Séverine had other projects, in politics by being elected municipal of the city of Chatou , and in business by founding a modeling agency for children. She has returned to TV since 2020, still as a host, but in shows that are still much less cult than when she started. Ah yes, we told you about his appearance at Eurovision in 2006 to represent Monaco? Well here is the excerpt. Fortunately, the song did not make it to the final.

13. The Hansons

Come on, let’s end on these 3 American brothers who had released one of the best hits of the 90s, namely MMMBop. Isaac, Taylor and Zac fell into anonymity. That didn’t stop them from releasing 6 albums afterwards and attempting a comeback more recently, but a priori they won’t have much time to do big tours since the guys have become dads: Isaac and Zac each have three children, and Taylor has five. It’s that they grew up well the little ones.

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