Top 13 facts that are ruining our childhood memories (and our joy of living)

Childhood is a not unpleasant time during which we have almost no responsibility, we generally like everything as long as our parents do not advise us and we have a good time while wrongly dreaming of become an adult. Wrongly because once an adult, one can look back on what one loved and be ashamed of it; or worse, realizing that what you liked was not really what you thought.

2. The TATu singers pretended to be together

The producers did all the promotion for the thing based on the fact that the singers were together. We’re not going to lie to each other: we don’t give a damn that they weren’t together and/or that they weren’t lesbians. But the discovery of this lie was equivalent to the announcement of the non-existence of Santa Claus: we discovered for the first time in our lives that the society of entertainment was lying to us. Hard blow.

Top 13 facts that are ruining our childhood memories (and our joy of living)
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3. Shakira plagiarized “Loca”

In 2010, Shakira sings that she is going crazy for her tiger. Except that the song is a copy of another song, Loca Con Su Tiguere of Arias who had already inspired a rapper in 2007. A complaint later and the truth comes out. Shakira disappointed and chocked us.

4. “May 22 at the Olympia” is also the date of a concert by Christophe Willem

The Neg’Marrons recalled him in The balance sheet : “We tore it all apart on May 22 at the Olympia”. “We” were the members of Sector A and it was May 22, 1998. But today, when you type “concert May 22 Olympia” on the Internet, you realize that other artists have also played to this date. For example Christophe Willem. And it freaks out.

5. TV games were just trickery

It is not the law that says so. Benjamin Castaldi claims to have had to cheat to let a candidate win in his place on the show Who can beat Benjamin Castaldi. Fogiel, he claims to have cheated at Nagui at the request of the production. We are upset.

6. Jacques Chirac was reportedly with Claudia Cardinale the night Lady Di died

Do you remember the day Lady Di died taking one of the May bridges? Yes: international drama and national homage. A true moment of joint commemoration. But since then, several articles tell that that evening, it was Bernadette Chirac who was required to go alone to the scene of the tragedy. And for good reason: rumors claim that Jacques Chirac was in a luxury hotel that evening and not at the Elysée, but with Claudia Cardinale. POPOPOOOOOO.

7. The Disney Anastasia doesn’t tell a real story.

Do you remember the poignant story of Anastasia, the first major non-Disney animated feature film? (If you don’t remember, we’re talking forgotten 1990s cartoons here). It made us regret the good old days of the Romanovs assassinated during the October Revolution by staging little Anastasia, the only supposed survivor of the slaughter. Except that in reality… And bah Anastasia did not survive. The legend of his survival is simply due to an administrative error by the execution committee, which forgot to register his remains in a register. We were lied to.

Top 13 facts that are ruining our childhood memories (and our joy of living)

8. Maureen Dor edited a book by François Hollande

François Hollande has published a book in which he explains the Republic to children. And who edited the book? Maureen Dor, host of Chalu Maureen that we all fell in love with when we were kids. It’s a bit like learning that the Minikeums prefaced Julien Dray’s latest book.

10. Dinosaurs were feathered chickens

Since we learned that dinosaurs were chickens, it’s been a lot more difficult to accept the three or four years during which we all became passionate about the existence of what we thought were super badass reptiles. with freaking scales. Big Chicken Parkit’s still less classy than Jurassic Park.

Top 13 facts that are ruining our childhood memories (and our joy of living)
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12. Roald Dahl’s bizarre acquaintances with the Nazis

Roald Dahl is probably the most widely read and respected children’s author in the world. Except that he was also anti-Semitic and did not hide it. In 1983 he said: “There is a dominant trait in the character of the Jews which breeds animosity, perhaps in a kind of lack of generosity towards non-Jews. I mean, there’s always a reason why the anti-something rises. Even a bastard like Hitler didn’t stand up against them for nothing. Another racist writer and they hid it from us.

13. Otherwise Santa Claus…

Don’t tell me you didn’t know…

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