Top 13 creepy pictures of dryness, anxiety

It is hot (very hot) in France this summer. Really. We are on very venerable heat, a consequent deficit of rain, and a record of dryness of the soils. To give you an idea: it’s the biggest and longest drought recorded since 1958. Believe me: it’s really freaking out. Do not deny these few images. Do you remember 10 years ago when everyone was laughing at Van Damme? Well there you go… We are only in 2022 and water… There is already a lot left, anyway. What a visionary.

1. The dry Loire

Ladies and gentlemen, you have before you the largest river in France. So. Scary.

2. Same disaster on the Garonne side

3. The Hérault completely dry in Valleraugue

Yes, there is normally water here. This bridge is proof of that.

4. Aveyron ravaged by flames

Just like Drôme, Lozère, Isère, Charente, Maine et Loire,… In short, the whole of France.

5. … Brittany too

6. Small maps of the total absence of humidity and rain over the whole country

Drought affects Normandy and Brittany! I REPEAT, the DROUGHT affects NORMANDY and BRITTANY.

7. Dead leaves in August

Indeed, it looks like a late October landscape. Oh no! We are well into August, and the leaves are completely dead due to an obvious lack of water. Joy, happiness, and voluptuousness.

8. Biodiversity on the way out

Sorry for these shocking images, but as this gentleman meteorologist says: it’s important to know.

9. Completely burnt harvests

They are going to have a hell of a face your raclettes with the potato shortage hanging in our face.

10. Cows that have no more grass to graze

They are going to have a hell of a face without potatoes or cheese.

11. The soil that looks like the soil of the desert, when in fact: it is the soil of Ain

Yes, yes, the department of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

12. Little comparison of the face of France from one year to another

Who said there would never be worse than 2020? Who ?

13. Not to reassure you: know that compared to 2085, we are in a “moderately dry” period.

“Moderately”. It promises for the future.

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