Top 13 cars that are clearly right-wing, those that are against the ISF

You may have your Republican party membership card, no one will believe you’re right-wing if you don’t wear one of these right-wing favorite brands, don’t play a right-wing sport, and most importantly, don’t ride in one of the following cars. Because these are specially made for people who hate public schools and the RSA. A top sponsored by grapefruit rosé and chinos.

1. The Fiat 500

Clearly the car of the 20-year-old girls received as a gift for the success of their DUT Commerce and Management. You can see her between July and August along the beaches of the Basque Country rolling windows wide open on Aya Nakamura.

2. The Porsche Cayenne

A car to vroom vroom in the Monoprix car park before spinning to warm up the tires on the Autoroute du soleil and honk the horns of the Twingos and other left-wing cars that do not drive at 160.

3. SUVs

In fact, all SUVs clearly mean “I shit on ecology and global warming. Everybody go fuck yourselves with your shitty bikes”. Yeah, I have bac+5 in translation.

4. The Jeep Renegade

Strange how people who drive Jeep Renegades are full of right-wingers while the Burger Quiz, sponsor and official fan of the Jeep Renegade, is downright a gaucho show. Clearly the exception that proves the rule.

5. The BMW F30

A hitman’s car but also a Nicolas Sarkozy supporter (one doesn’t necessarily go with the other, don’t make me say what I didn’t say).

6. The Alpine A110

You are a Formula 1 fan and you can’t stand to see golf courses ravaged by drought. “Are you sure the poor really should drink water and bathe every day?? »

7. The Citroen C4 Picasso

The ultimate right-hand family car. The one that allows you to take Léanne to her riding lesson, Ludo to fencing and Jean-Benoît to archery. It is also in this car that everyone will go hunting on Saturday morning during the cousinade weekend in Burgundy.

8. The Mini Cooper

Car used by 84% of the electorate of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan according to my statistics sent to INSEE (but never published). Also know that if there is an English flag on it, you have a 107% chance of being against vegetarian meals in the canteen.

9. The Smart

You’re 17 and you can’t stand going to your Parisian high school by metro with all the lower classes going to work. So you asked your darons to offer you this superb car before passing the license when you are 25 years old (also offered after obtaining your CDI as a data analyst for a cashmere vest delivery company) .

10. Any Tesla

From the moment you buy a car more connected than your friends who squat your Apple+ account, coming from a car manufacturer led by a megalomaniac, that means a lot about you. And especially that you vote for the right.

11. The Mercedes C-Class

Sedan, Break or Coupé, these cars all scream the bourgeoisie who brag about their new merco while sipping their bourbon.

12. The 4L

There was a time when this car was perhaps not as right-handed as it is today. But now, this car clearly belongs to a couple of retirees who collect old boxes and who spend their holidays in Nice after a hard year towing for Valérie Pécresse.

13. Alpha Romeo Giulia

We are from the righteeeeeuh, we are from the righteeeeeuh.

Race condés, it’s vroom vroom.

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