Top 13 best slipper tweets

They are always there when you need them, they are warm and comforting, you put them outside to empty the trunk of the car and go shopping when it would be a thousand times more logical to put on shoes… these are the best tweets about slippers.

1. Is it a child or a dog?

2. I understand the misunderstanding

3. Steps on the stairs

4. Who actually has Simpson slippers though?

5. The question is why does he have dirty feet?

6. Do people text “I’m getting out of the shower”?

7. No, prank canceled

8. In the movies they are squarely in shoes on their bed so good

9. Worst Christmas present ever

10. Nothing makes them happy

11. Not sure it’s necessary

13. At least they will fit you all your life

I have wolf slippers and they are too beautiful I swear. Show your slippers in the comments please, we will make a ranking, not impossible that they return to the pantheon of the most beautiful slippers on earth.