Top 13 Awesome World Population Maps

Do you want to know more about the population in the world? Nope ? Well, let’s talk about it anyway. If you’ve never really liked geography, don’t panic, we’re going to go on rather fun and easily understandable maps about the people who inhabit this good old blue planet. That way, for once in your life, you can say that you liked looking at maps and legends.

1. In each section there is 10% of the world’s population

We see that the sections are much tighter in Asia where the people are also rather tight. Well ok they are not against each other either, but the population density is higher in that part of the world.

2. 50% of Canadians live below the red line

Attention, the red line is an invention of whoever created this map. It doesn’t really exist in Canada, otherwise it would be really weird.

3. There are as many people in the red zone as in the blue zone

At the same time, in the blue zone, there is a lot of desert, while in the red zone, there are very populated countries like Nigeria (214 million inhabitants, just that), Ghana and the Côte d’ ‘Ivory.

4. Countries that have a lower population than Moscow

At the time of writing these lines, there are around 12.7 million inhabitants in Moscow and the weather is rather nice outside in Paris for the month of October (but you don’t care, I guess).

5. How we can bring the American population back into European countries

Let’s hope we don’t have to relocate all the Americans tomorrow or we’ll be in a bit of a mess. The price of rents will increase a max.

6. The flag of Japan with an equal distribution of population between the red area and the white area

Of course, Tokyo and its 14 million inhabitants are in this red zone and weigh quite a bit in this distribution of the population. And when I say they weigh quite a bit, nothing to do with the weight of the inhabitants.

7. 73% of the world’s wealth is in 14% of the population

Do you find the world unfair? Nope ? It’s that you’re probably in that 14%. Because when we are on the other side, we must have hatred.

8. Percentage of Europeans ready to fight for their country

In Finland and Turkey, the guys are very keen on going to war. Personally, in the event of a conflict, you will find me with 71% of the French far from the fighting.

9. The percentage of people “absolutely certain” that God exists in the United States VS in Europe

When you are “absolutely certain” of something, there is often a good chance that you will get it wrong.

10. Russia divided into three areas that have roughly the same population

But why don’t you want to live in the super cold part where nothing grows? Really, I don’t understand.

11. The population of Itale divided into three areas that have the same number of inhabitants

It is rather not badly distributed for the blow. At the same time, every corner of Italy makes you want to go and live there, so it’s understandable.

12. The countries of the World have changed places: those with the largest populations have taken the largest countries

India and China have therefore nabbed the largest territories but Brazil and the United States have not moved. Have you found France? (Hint: it’s in South America)

13. Largest pet populations by European country

Yeah, with us, it’s the fish. I do not hide from you that, even if the fish are pretty, my disappointment is rather high.

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