Top 12 worst fads that are coming back (warning, danger)

Yes, we know! “Fashion is an eternal renewal”, BLAH-BLAH-BLAH. I don’t mind that our tastes change over time, that certain things that we thought were cool before end up not appearing so pretty to us. In that sense, it’s ok. But on the other hand, this thing of coming out of the horrors’ dungeon to recast them as a trend, is NO. NO, BALLERINAS THIS WILL NEVER BE POSSIBLE. NEVER !

1. Ballerinas

THEN ! “You are a beautiful bunch of tournedos! », as Maeva Ghenam would say. Come on, let’s spit on it for 15 years, then find it “not so ugly” when Chanel decides to bring them out on parade! Let’s be honest for a second: beyond their particularly repulsive physical aspect, can we talk for a few minutes about the smell that his stuff gives off? Go yyyy put on ballet flats, but don’t come whining when your date runs off and smells your old feet in there. I would have warned you. Come on zou, we ban ballerinas. Burn this for me!

2. Hooves

What’s your frenzy about smelly lazy shoes? Clogs, seriously? The trick has been around since the 15th century! What is the next step ? Are we going back to work in a horse-drawn carriage? Come on, let’s stop being the rebel of modern times, and we’ll buy a good little pair of white sneakers, well sanitized, just like everyone else, to blend into the mould.

3. Ultra low-rise jeans

That high waists aren’t the most comfortable, I can understand. But honestly, there are still quite a few steps between navel height and plumber’s parting height, right? Let’s try to tone it down a bit. Really. The low waist is to pants what the ballerina is to shoes: a mistake. A heresy. A horror.

4. The mullet cut

Do I really need to explain to you why this is such a bad idea? The pictures speak for themselves. (Source)

5. The old patterns not phews

Big butterflies, little teddy bears, slogan “I Love New York”,… We thought we were rid of these things forever, oh no! On Vinted, users are snapping up what they call “baby tees”. Translate “baby t-shirts”. Why ? Well, because they take stuff in size 4 years old, with children’s drawings, and wear it as a crop-top. Too stylish your Winnie the Pooh top, yeah…

6. The trucker cap

Nicknamed “the orange net cap” by all the parents of the Earth. Alalala, we knew how to laugh at the time, I tell you!

7. Velvet tracksuit sets

With big slogans on the buttocks. The apology of good taste and refinement! (Source)

8. Rhinestones

Whether on the prints of these tracksuits, on the “baby tees”, or even on the trucker caps, rhinestones are making a comeback. It’s like adding a little ugliness to something that’s already ugly. Like what, (-)x(-), it’s not always equal to “+”, huh! (Source)

9. Body jewelry

You too, you thought that the chains to wear around the waist and belly, were only a bad memory??? Well no, the thing came straight back from the 2000s (and hell) to settle on the beaches this summer. Too Sw@aäGgg!(Source)

10. Suit jacket

So there, really, I can’t understand… As much okkkkkkk the clogs, the net caps and the tracksuits, I can make an effort, but the jackets… Seriously, guys… Will someone one day , really found it a little pretty ??? (Source)

11. Neon

In the 90s, there was bright yellow, neon green and flashy pink all over the place. Frankly, if these colors had been able to stay in the 90s instead of bringing back their strawberries in 2022, well, we would have been very happy. Stop the shoes, the leggings, the bananas, the bags and all the neon accessories there, please!!!!

12. Quilted

I understand that leaving your bed in the morning is heartbreaking. Honestly. I know how hard it is, how trying and painful it is. But you have to avoid making this weird transfer from your mattress to your clothes. Please. For the respect of our retinas to all. (Source)

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