Top 12 Worst Cinema Special Effects of the Decade

Before, the special effects were based on the genius of make-up and animatronics (well, I didn’t say it was perfect, moreover, we’ve already compiled the worst special effects of all time in cinema for you). Then we discovered digital and CGI and we abused it a little bit. Already the crappy special effects in the series had hurt our eyes, this time we decided to tackle the cinema of the 2010s.

1. Human-cats in Cats (2019)

If the Broadway musical had met with a great success, the same cannot be said for the film which quickly became the object of mockery because of the ultra disgusting cat-like special effects. A real insult to cat lovers.

2. Shark tornadoes in Sharknado (2013)

Well of course, here I’m cheating a little since we are of course talking about big nanars who cross sharks with anything and who therefore naturally suffer from absolutely infamous special effects in the same way as Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus (2010) or even The Attack of the Two-Headed Shark (2012).

4. The gerbo outfit in Green Lantern (2011)

Blockbuster which did not appeal to critics, it should be noted that the combination entirely in CGI frankly looks like nothing.

5. The Fake Dog in The Call of the Wild (2020)

For all fans of Jack London whose reading of this book rocked the childhood (or the adolescence, or the adulthood, there is no age to read this book), this film is an attack to propriety. So yes okay, the digital tiger in Life of Pi was rather not gross, but there frankly the digital dog lined with a redone Harrison Ford, it’s a no-go.

6. Jeff Bridges badly rejuvenated in Tron: Legacy (2010)

The version of Jeff Bridges getting a CGI makeover is unconvincing just like the neon lights, just like the rest of the movie. But in this category we refer you to the list of actors who have been rejuvenated in the cinema or even worse, the list of the dead resuscitated in the cinema.

7. The dog who performs numerically poorly in Marmaduke (2010)

And in the series of dogs who play too badly when they are “ci-gi-aïsé” we will of course take this friendly oua-oua dubbed by Omar Sy (eh oh that’s ok, that was in 2010). I invite you to discover the trailer, a pleasure for the eyes.

8. Justice League’s Mustache Gate (2017)

Maybe you remember, if you had the chance to see this masterpiece, seeing Henry Cavill’s face a little crushed. But why ? What could we have done to twist this pretty little face? Nothing’s easier. The filming of the film was delayed, as a result, the actor found himself shooting both for Justice League and for Mission Impossible: Fallout. The problem is that his character in MI absolutely had to wear a mustache. Gold Superman with a mustache it whips a little. So we made the actor shoot with his mustache, then we fired it in post-production thanks to the sacrosanct CGI. I don’t know if you can imagine the cost and complexity of such a process just for a dark mustache story that has become the laughingstock of the web…

“If Warner Bros. can remove Henry Cavill’s mustache in CGI, can they create a CGI version of me to go to work? I ask for a friend”.

9. Pretty much everything in Gods of Egypt (2016)

This is yet another movie that perfectly shows why CGI abuse kills CGI. It’s simple, just about all landscapes look like Windows wallpapers.

10. The Amazing Bulk (2013)

Nanar of modern times (reviewed by the specialists in question in Nanarland). We are no longer wondering what special effects are crap since nothing is going well.

11. The nuclear shot that digs into the ground in Men in Black 4 (2019)

Beyond the fact that this film is an endless series of nonsense and totally stupid scenes without any form of coherence, we particularly liked the concept of this weapon with phenomenal power which manages to create a furrow in the earth when even the shot would not be aimed at the ground. Yeah well I admit, I push a little. It’s not like the rest of the movie holds up. I just wanted to find a release space to shit on.

12. The faces of the Bogdanov brothers in The Fruit of Hope (2018)

If only that was the weirdest thing about this Alain Williams movie…

One day we will still make you the worst special effects of the cinema of the 2000s because it hurt me a lot not to mention The Mummy, x men, Spiderman, The Deep Blue or Anaconda

Source: Critical Sense, Complex, Looper

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