Top 12 Worst Celebrity Deaths, Worst of the Worst

Contrary to popular belief, just because you’re a star doesn’t mean you’re eternal. It even happens that some stars have had terribly sordid ends. We tell you this in joy and good humor, hoping not to pass the gun on the left by the end of this top.

1. Wrestler Andre Le Géant

Less known as André Roussimov, this French wrestler born in 1946 was known for his atypical physique with a height of 2.24m and a weight of 245kg. It was thus called the 8th wonder of the world. But all this was not really normal. André was actually suffering from a disease he was unaware of: pituitary gigantism. An evil that constantly made him grow. Problem, his heart did not grow, and the consumption of alcohol and drugs did not help the mess. He dies in his sleep in 93. In itself, it looks rather chill as death but it is mainly due to congestive heart failure which is immediately much less fun.

2. Jayne Mansfield, linnet head

The one who could have dethroned Marylin Monroe from her iconic status unfortunately died in a tragic car accident. She found herself more or less decapitated in her convertible on the road to New Orleans by a sheet metal plate that had come off a truck load. Choupi.

Top 12 worst celebrity deaths, worst of the worst
Photo credits (Public Domain): 20th Century Fox, 1957. Photographer not credited. Publicity studio.

3. Lou Gehrig and programmed degeneration

American baseball player and actor in the western Rawride, Lou Gehrig however had to withdraw from his career because of Charcot’s disease which he was suffering from and which inevitably condemned him. Charcot’s disease is a degenerative disease that atrophies the muscles. The end of his career was therefore painful, we saw on the x-rays dozens of fractures on his hands in particular. His illness took him away in 1941.

Top 12 worst celebrity deaths, worst of the worst
Photo credits (Public Domain): University Archives—Columbiana Library, Columbia University.

4. Adrienne Shelly and the Murderous Shower

The American actress lost her life at the age of 40 in grim conditions. Her husband found her hanging in his shower. If we initially believed in the thesis of suicide, in reality the investigators discovered that the assassin was a worker who was carrying out work in the apartment below and had entered the apartment to commit a theft before disguising his gesture as a suicide scene. Clearly not a nice thief.

5. Sharon Tate the absolute nightmare

Obviously when we talk about the death of a horrible star, we absolutely cannot miss this story which traumatized the United States at the end of the 60s and marked in a certain way the end of the flower power. The actress, then married to Roman Polanski and eight months pregnant with the director, is the victim of several members of Charles Manson’s sect. Murdered with 4 other people in her residence, she received 16 stab wounds as she begged to be allowed to live long enough to give birth to her child. A more than horrible story.

6. Daniel von Bargen, the slow descent into hell

He is mainly known for his role as Mr. Kruger in Seinfeld but also Commander Edwin Spangler in Malcolm. But beyond his comic strength, the American actor suffered from diabetes. So much so that he had to have his toes amputated which plunged him into a terrible depression from which he will try to get out by putting a bullet in his head. Unfortunately (yes I say unfortunately), he misses his shot. He will not be released from life until three years later.

Top 12 worst celebrity deaths, worst of the worst

7. Marvin Gaye the cursed child

There are illnesses that cause pain, long illnesses and then there are people who are simply killed by their father with a bullet in the head at the age of 45 after a simple argument in 1984. It is the fate of Marvin Gaye and we don’t find him much happier than the other guests in this top.

8. Vladimir Komarov first space death

OK, we’re not on a people star, but it’s a name you should remember since he was the very first cosmonaut to lose his life during a space mission in 1967. The Soyuz 1 mission is an accumulation of problems and technical galleys: the solar panels supposed to provide energy to the ship do not work, the control systems are messing around, in short, it doesn’t smell good. As the ship is ordered to return, the orientation system fails in turn and the communication fails as Komarov begins the descent. However, the brake parachute does not work either due to a design flaw. In short, Komarov therefore saw his death arrive slowly without him being able to do anything to counter it except to curse the engineers who made crap. Hard.

9. Aeschylus victim of a tortoise attack

In the Horrific Deaths series, Aeschylus (who was a superstar around 525 BC in all things poetry, drama, and all that fuss) met a rather comical end. Well, we have few documents to attest to all this but the legend deserves to be perpetuated. Aeschylus dies after receiving a turtle on the head that a man had thrown at him, mistaking his bald head for a stone. I don’t know if it’s true but I want it to be true.

10. Isadora Duncan in a scarf

The American choreographer known for having revolutionized modern dance met a stupidly tragic end in her car. She doesn’t die from a classic car accident. As she prepares to drive off, she swings her shawl over her shoulders, but the fringes of the fabric get caught in the spokes of the wheel without her realizing it. As she drives off, she is strangled by surprise and dies before she can react.

11. Jean-Baptiste Lully and the blow of the cane of death

The composer died of gangrene he contracted when he crushed his toes with the cane he used to beat time. So yeah it’s kinda silly, but it’s also downright awful.

12. Actor Vic Marrow and two children on the set of Twilight Zone

The film La Quatrième dimension is best known for the filming accident which caused the lives of three actors, including two children who were also illegally engaged. During the fateful scene, a helicopter had to fly over explosions caused by a pyrotechnic effect at a very low altitude (8 meters) while Vic Marrow was walking with the two children. Problem: the explosions damaged the helicopter so the pilot lost control, letting it crash into one of the children, decapitating the second and the actor with the propeller blades.

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