Top 12 Worst Casting Choices In Casting History It’s Been Called The Bad…

If we’ve already told you about the most controversial casting choices in history, we forgot to talk about the casting choices that simply ruined a movie. We know, this top will probably make some people cringe and I’m still going to get insulted in the comments, but never mind, on the one hand it wouldn’t be the first time and above all most of these examples come from forums where viewers give their opinion, so I relay the information.

1. Keanu Reeves in “Dracula”

For the simple and good reason that the actor appears for this film in the top of the worst accents in the history of cinema. It’s not that he plays fundamentally badly, it’s not that the role doesn’t suit him, but if it’s to try to make such a messed up accent anyone can do it. Fortunately, Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins are there to mop up the blood that flows from our ears with their saving voices.

2. Chris Pratt in “Super Mario Bros.”

The film has not yet been released at the time of writing (“we” are me and my cat), but the choice of Chris Pratt to double the Italian plumber has already caused a lot of ink to flow. Already at the announcement people yelled, then the actor declared that he was preparing a sick thing never heard in all the history of dubbing and result the Americans really destroyed the first trailer by realizing that it was just the normal Chris Pratt voice. And many said they would watch the film in VF because the voice actor is so much better.

3. Cameron Diaz in “Gangs of New York”

According to several netizens, Cameron Diaz’s performance in Gangs of New York is bad enough to take the viewer straight out of the movie. From memory she’s not that bad, it’s especially that it’s complicated to seem credible next to this bastard Daniel Day Lewis who always plays really well but still freaks out a lot so much he invests in the roles .

4. Zoey Saldana in “Nina”

When an actress apologizes herself for having accepted a role it means that we are facing a real failure. It must be said that many people yelled when they saw her performance in the biopic on Nina Simone knowing that at the base Mary J Blige was to play the famous singer. Even Nina Simone’s daughter said we should never have given the role to Saldana, and that resulted in a film that was more flabby than The missionary with Jean-Marie Bigard. No, I’m exaggerating here.

5. Mark Wahlberg in “Phenomena”

There, like that, if we tell you an American actor who can play an SVT teacher, who do you think of? Because M. Night Shyamalan directly thought of hiring Mark Wahlberg, who is not a horrible actor let’s be clear, we just have to see Boogie Nights to make it happen, but the press kind of let loose on his face to say he wasn’t believable for a single second. When the trees play better than you in a film, it’s because you’ve missed out on the role.

6. Kevin Costner in “Robin Hood”

Another messed up accent story, and it was so messed up that Mel Brooks even laughed at it realizing Holy Robin Hood two years later and in which he made his main character say “Unlike some Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent”. Hard for poor Kevin who didn’t deserve all the horrors his career has known.

7. Dane Dehaen and Cara Delevigne in “Valerian”

If we could list the many problems of the film Valerian we can especially speak of the actors who all the time gave the impression of not knowing what they were doing and where they were going (probably a green background syndrome). However, it is the non-existent chemistry between the two that mainly hurts the credibility of the film. Too bad for comic book fans who suspected despite everything that with Besson at the helm we weren’t going to have something very qualitative compared to the basic material. Console yourself with the good adaptations of comics, there are a few.

8. Jesse Eisenberg in “Batman VS Superman”

Being in the category of people who stopped at the first version of the movie my mind decided to overshadow everything I had just seen when I left the cinema, but I already had flashes of the great game freaking Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor before I fell asleep and I still don’t know how to fix it.

9. Russel Crowe in “Les Miserables”

The problem with musicals (apart from the fact that it’s often badly done) is that you have to find actors who can sing. Except that Russel Crowe is not quite that, at least not for a majority of the public who shit a little on his performance unlike Anne Hattaway who broke everything by entering the list of actors who received an Oscar for less twenty minutes on screen. And clearly it was deserved.

10. The actors of “Le 15h17 pour Paris”

It comes as a surprise to no one to know that Clint Eastwood is an American who loves America and the American flag as well as the American military and white American presidents. When he adapted the drama of the Thalys in the film 3:17 p.m. for Paris he thought it would be nice to have the American heroes of the real story play in the film by giving them their own roles. Except that being an actor cannot be improvised, and that it was not necessarily the best way to promote them than to show everyone that they did not necessarily know how to play well.

11. Vince Vaughn in “Psychosis”

Already the idea of ​​making a remake of Psychosis was a really shitty idea, but casting Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates was more sassy than anything. Unsurprisingly Vince Vaughn plays badly in the film since he plays badly at all and it results in a remake with a disastrous note, destroyed by critics and the public and that everyone would like to forget.

12. The entire cast of “The Eternals”

Yeah because if no one is in it the movie doesn’t exist. You might find that I’m a little excessive in my decision but in reality it wouldn’t be so stupid to simply delete this film, act as if it had never been shot and not talk about it at all. Never again.

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