Top 12 ways to save money when you have a kid

When one has a child, in addition to the fact that one sets foot in a long period of diapers, diarrhea, snot, areuh, and especially loneliness, one also loses a lot of money. Admittedly, we receive aid at birth (not very high, let’s not dream) but all this mess represents a cost that we estimate on average at more than 6000 € per year. So you have to learn how to save money, and here are our best advice.

1. Do not skimp on recycling

The new one ? It’s a weak thing. Especially when you have a child. If you’re lucky and all the buddies have already had a horde of brats, don’t hesitate to recover all their stock of clothes, it will always make you that much less to buy. Children grow quickly and you don’t necessarily have the budget to follow the vagaries of fashion.

2. Make fairly reasoned purchases (but not seasoned paske that would mean nothing MDRRR)

When we surf on the euphoria of pregnancy, it happens that we let go a little on the credit card without really thinking about our purchases. It’s the best way to do anything (much like when you’re running errands while you’re breaking the slab). Make lists, redo lists, and then more lists, give yourself time to think before each purchase, do you really need it? Not so sure. Give me that card and go take a nap.

3. Start bargain-hunting (but not little zouzes or little guys my brother)

If you are not surrounded by buddies full of children with the dose of clothes and objects to pass on to you, you still have other recovery options. to do this, you can snoop around recycling centers, clearance sales, Emmaüs points of sale, Le Bon Coin, or even Price Minister can offer less expensive shopping alternatives. In short, overall, mourn the “new”.

4. Plan a list of birth gifts

Good… I very moderately validate this approach, just like wedding or birthday lists or gift pots. But it is clear that it is still very practical to frame the ardor of purchases of your friends or your family. You don’t have to make a shopping selection at €500 per item, but just indicate what you need exactly so you don’t have 92 bodysuits and zero strollers, for example.

5. Take the time to compare prices and be on the lookout for sales (shoppiiiiiiing)

Yes well it’s certainly not a revolutionary idea but we can never say it enough, unless you have the budget of Kate Middleton, it is strongly advised to be on the lookout for promotions and everything that will break the prices originals of what you wish to obtain. It is for this reason that it is better to do it in advance to organize your purchases (well not before you become pregnant either, eh).

6. Buy in bulk (but don’t need to gain weight)

During your child’s first nine months, you will use an average of 200 to 250 diapers per month. It would therefore be wise not to buy your diapers individually.

7. Do a lot of things on your own like a grown-up (well, I’m not talking about masturbation here)

To save money, there’s nothing like “do it yourself” when you have the time at least. It starts with the food, you’ll save a lot of money by preparing homemade purees yourself and it will undoubtedly be better for the brat than the already prepared purees. For the rest it’s the same, make your furniture, sew your clothes, in short, do according to your abilities.

8. Organize a baby shower (but be careful it’s not a shower ouch ouch ouch !!!!!!)

Even if this kind of reception often leaves the fun in the toilet bowl, it can also be renamed so as not to want to commit suicide too much, for example “Drinking party at my place, you will all have the right to get drunk and I will be the only one who has the right to puke”. Still, this type of event should allow you to grow the purchases inherent in this expensive birth.

9. Use bath water to clean your salads

There are no small savings. Well, still take antibiotics with your meal just in case.

10. Use his poo as fertilizer for your plants

Being thrifty also means having a keen sense of ecology and for this reason you have to know how to use all natural resources to meet your needs.

11. Selective sorting or compost if you really are very green

Indeed, all organic matter can be composted. Admittedly, we do not recommend putting bread and meat in it, but know that if you want to get rid of your baby because it costs you too much, you can completely slip it into the compost bin during maturation.

12. Take the damn pill!

We can never say it enough.

Otherwise I have no parents, no children, and I am very very rich, so if you are more than me confronted with the expenses related to fertility, do not hesitate to let us know.

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