Top 12 TV Presenter Salaries Big Money

I love television, not especially because you can watch lots of commercials on it, but because I like to see people who do UV talking and telling me what to think while being paid more than the average person to do it. . After this first sentence worthy of the writing of an anti-conformist teenager, I propose to you to see how much these people are paid, bearers of light and truths who spread their wisdom to us because it is always interesting to see how much money affect people who earn more than us.

1. Claire Chazal

We can say that in terms of salary it is the one who has nabbed the jackpot. At the time when she presented the JT on TF1, Claire Chazal would have received nearly 120,000 euros per month, which is better than anything you will ever be able to receive per month in your life unless you are yourself Claire Chazal, what I wish for you.

What we could do with this money: Buy a nice apartment every two or three months to change your place of residence, which is practical for breaking the routine.


Not even fucking doing as well as the big Claire, PPDA received around 2,850 euros per news, or 71,500 euros per month for this big loser.

What we could do with this money: Buy a small basketball club and have the players play soccer. There’s no logic but the rich don’t care, they do stuff like that because they can afford it.

3. Nikos Aliagas

Based on the information revealed by Benjamin Castaldi (so it’s probably true), a host is generally paid between 20,000 and 30,000 euros for prime time and between 8,000 and 15,000 euros for a daily show on the channel TF1, and Aliagas was no exception to this beautiful rule. I’ll let you do the math.

What we could do with this money: Get his face redone to look like Nikos Aliagas and go pocket the rest of his money for him.

4. Jean-Pierre Pernaut

The man who used to sit on Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s chair to present Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s newscast was paid nearly 2,300 euros per newscast, or between 50 and 60,000 euros per month. He’s come a long way from the little guy from Amiens.

What we could do with this money: Living the life of a prince, or the life of Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

5. Cyril Hanouna

After revealing the salaries of a host of TV presenters, the newspaper The chained Duck decided to leak his own, which is around 40,000 euros a month, that’s not bad but we expected more.

What we could do with this money: Produce quality programs that ask existential questions.

6. Elise Lucet

When she was still presenter of the JT on France Television, Élise Lucet was a priori paid nearly 12,000 euros per month. Notice the “a priori” in the previous sentence, in case the source is wrong I make sure not to expose myself to an exhaustive investigation by him on my personal life as a form of revenge.

What we could do with this money: Giving bribes to Élise Lucet so that she doesn’t investigate us. But that would be a very bad idea, she is incorruptible.

7. Laurent Delahousse

This brave Laurent who likes to wear leather jackets and make people blush by looking them in the eye would receive about 15,000 euros per month for his news, which is not huge but you have to deduct the 30,000 euros monthly hairdresser fees.

What we could do with this money: Do your hair well and look people in the eye by frowning a little to have a mysterious side.

8. Benjamin Castaldi

By his own admission Benjamin Castaldi was rather well paid at the time of Secret Story since it was between 400,000 and 650,000 euros for a season of the show. A relatively comfortable salary, like a well-padded sofa.

What we could do with this money: Treat yourself to a comfortable sofa and invite Benjamin Castaldi there to point out how comfortable it is.

Top 12 tv presenter salaries big money

9. Nagui

Well then be careful because there you can imagine that we are coming to the big chunk, Nagui would have received on France TV between 2017 and 2020 nearly 100 million euros for having presented several programs like Do not forget the lyrics or Everyone wants to take its place.

What we could do with this money: I have no idea. 100 million euros frankly what the fuck do you want with so much money.

10. Karine Le Marchand

The presenter, always in a good mood, would earn around 30,000 euros per month for her shows like “Love is in the meadow”. Besides, she had declared that she found the salary she earned (and that of presenters in general) indecent and that she did not assume to touch that too much in relation to the work she produced. Lucid the Karine.

What we could do with this money: Leave it to Karine, with this state of mind she deserves it.

Top 12 tv presenter salaries big money
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 3.0): original photograph from Ericwaltr(cropped by TwoWings, with no need of crediting him for it)

11. Yann Barthes

Ok the figures go back a long way since they date from 2013, when he was working at Little Diary on Canal + and he received 30,000 euros per me. The thing is that since then he’s mainly been the producer of his Quotidien show and his salary has probably changed, but I can’t verify, his banker refuses to answer me despite my attempts to offer him a pot of terrine.

What we could do with this money: Privatize a bowling alley and have a big party all together, because in the end we don’t know each other very well, don’t you think?

12. Michel Cymes

The one we also call “the TV doctor” (I really don’t know, if at this stage of the top you still haven’t understood that I don’t watch TV, I can’t do anything for you) received nearly 280,000 euros per year to present The Health Diary. A very nice sum.

What we could do with this money: I calculated and obviously you can buy a considerable number of pastries to organize a maxi breakfast with an entire city. It’s a shitty project, but it’s worth trying.

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