Top 12 TV hosts who play a role, we are not fooled

Being a good TV host is above all knowing how to play a role. You have to embody your show as well as possible for viewers to believe in it, and therefore have extraordinary acting talents. But we are far from being three-week-old rabbits, and we managed to detect who were the animators who were lying the most. I am speaking for the editorial staff and I warn you: you will be moderately shocked.

2. Laurence Boccolini pretended to be cold and severe in The Weak Link when she is very nice

By the way, it was the best TV game, don’t you want us to fight for it to come back?

3. Nagui pretends to be nice in his shows while he eats horses

No, that’s wrong, Nagui doesn’t eat horses. On the other hand, many testimonies have reached me, and they completely question the kindness of the gentleman. Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? Who asks too many questions and gets murdered by Nagui in a dark alley? (me)

4. Stéphane Plaza pretends to be clumsy in House for sale

In each episode, he “unintentionally” breaks furniture in people’s homes. Yeah, “unintentionally”, when he just threw a shelf down a flight of stairs. It’s good huh, you have to stop taking us for idiots.

5. Victoria Silvstedt pretended to be dumb on shows with Dechavanne despite being smart

We told her “play the bimbo”, and she did. I still hope she made a lot of money because the job wasn’t very rewarding.

6. Stéphane Bern pretends to walk right into coins when the camera starts rolling in Secrets d’Histoire

While we know that he waits like an idiot behind the door that we shout to him “EEEET ACTION! »

7. Stéphane Rotenberg pretends not to eat anything during Top Chef

While he admitted that he put on all the dishes behind the scenes. No, we don’t judge, because we would do the same.

8. Karine Le Marchand pretends not to need subtitles in Love is in the meadow

While she clearly has a translator from the peasant world who deciphers everything in her earpiece.

9. Denis Brogniart pretends not to die of heat in Koh-Lanta (while he changes his shirt every 3 minutes)

And he also pretends to understand the rules of the tests when you have to have an IQ of 182 to understand what to do.

10. Sophie Davant pretends to be interested in people who come to sell objects in Affaire Conclue

While this vase made by an obscure Dutch designer, deep down, she doesn’t care (and it shows too).

11. Michel Drucker pretends to still be alive in Vivement Dimanche

While we all understood that it was a hologram. It’s physically impossible to have such a long career and present a show with almost 80 brushes.

12. Olivier Minne pretends that Father Fouras exists when he knows he’s a guy in a suit

It’s outrageous if you ask me.