Top 12 tips for getting into knitting, fuel for life knitting

2. Buy good wool to have satisfaction in the end

It will cost you a little more but the result will be all the more valuable. You will spend time on it, put your sweat and the pulp of your fingers on it, so as long as the result is not spoiled by a very lousy yarn.

3. Overall, don’t skimp on the gear

Starting with good gear is the key to success. Good yarn, good needles, and really pretty patterns. Otherwise you will quickly lose motivation if everything goes wrong.

4. A knit stitch, a purl stitch, a knit stitch, a stitch….

You know the rest.

5. Forget about grandma’s long straight needles

No time to lose with that, we advise you to attack directly with circular needles. Less tiring for the arm and in addition you can knit your whole project in one piece without the need for sewing. You can even knit the sleeves in a “magic loop” instead of the 5 double pointed needles from hell.

Second advantage: it gives you more breadth, so you can knit on public transport without smashing your neighbor’s ribs with your elbow. By the way, for the record, you can knit on the plane as long as your needles are made of bamboo and not metal (tip from knitters without borders).

6. Knitting tutorials on the Internet will become your passion

And all the knitting jargon that goes with it: thrown, grafting, alternate cable cast on, slip-slip-knit… Yes, these words have meaning for any self-respecting knitter.

7. Adopt the continental method right away so you don’t have to pay for knitting tendonitis

It is a way of knitting by holding your thread on the left and not on the right. It seems all stupid but it’s very practical to avoid repetitive movements of winding the wire with the right hand which have an annoying tendency to give tendonitis. Hey guys knitting is a high level sport.

8. Display yourself as much as possible with your knitted works

Because knitting is cool and the whole world needs to know about it.

9. Do not hesitate to regularly look at the prices of branded sweaters and rejoice in being able to do the same thing in better quality

A pleasure rarely equaled in your heart of hearts: in addition to having made it with your little hands, you know that it is made with quality materials that will last over time… the pilling in the first wash is over!

10. Find some cool bosses

For example, we knit patterns from Clémence (HuguettePaillettes) and Petite Knit. Not only are the examples vast on the web, but it’s a great start.

11. Skip the garter stitch, no garter stitch!

Basically the garter stitch is the basic stitch. As a result, we always make the same point and it’s super annoying. Clearly it does not make you want to continue. Zero challenge. And we like super challenging stuff. Besides, we also like to use the word “challenging”.

12. Make you drool over knitting Instagrammers

Yeah guys, we say it and we say it again, knitting is for everyone! Forget the image of the granny knitting by the fire. Knitting has become a cool and trendy activity whose new models are Clémence, In the Wool for love, We Are Knitters, Trendy Tricot…

And if you are not yet convinced, know that knitting was and still is the prerogative of super mega stars: Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis, Cary Grant, James Dean, Jean Passe & Des Mayer.

Top 12 tips for getting into knitting fuel for life

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