Top 12 Things Vets Wish We All Knew

Veterinarians are truly gods of life for people who have pets. Because our critter does not express itself and cannot tell us where it hurts, we necessarily need them. Cons of animals. So once and for all here are some vet tips to better manage our cohabitation with hairy people, starting with this one: never wait to see a vet when things are not going well!

1. Interact with your animals

We do not adopt an animal to leave it alone in a corner and only call on it to demand hugs and attention. We must keep in mind that during the day we go out, we work, we see people, we multiply our social interactions while the only social interaction of the animal is with us. So make an effort to play with him every day. And not in chess. Animals suck at chess.

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2. If your pet has swallowed a pellet of weed or cannabis, take him ILLICO to the vet and be honest, he won’t call the police, I promise

It is better for your veterinarian to know exactly the product that your animal has ingested to better treat it…

Also, note to drumstick smokers. It’s a bit naive to think that your pet won’t be impacted by the fumes of firecrackers. All the effects of inhaling smoke can be felt at home and have neurological consequences (don’t make others proud, it’s the same for cigarettes).

3. It’s silly to see a cat’s obesity as something cute when it’s a disease

If your pet is getting fat, it’s because he doesn’t exercise, or because he’s depressed about life, or because he’s been fed poorly. This cat training advice may not be suitable for all animals, but for me it was 100% effective with my cat: serve him a substantial batch of kibble, if possible in a playful bowl. In this way it is he who will regulate himself on the food without however stressing himself since he will record that the food is always there so there is no need to rush.

4. When you let your dog eat from your plate, there’s no point in telling him “Just a bite”, he doesn’t understand this concept

This is common sense, but you should avoid feeding your animals from your plate, for several reasons:

– Because it’s your plate and it’s not bad to establish limits from the beginning.

– Because what’s on your plate isn’t necessarily good for him.

– Because he is not familiar with the “Just a bite” concept.

Top 12 Things Vets Wish We All Knew

5. It’s not so easy to cook properly for your pet

If the croquettes depress you know that they have the advantage of giving all the vitamins necessary for your cattle. If you really want to feed it yourself, ask a veterinary nutritionist.

6. You never leave your pets alone for too long

Of course the ability to stay alone varies from one animal to another and some are not at all compatible with a working life. But if they support your absence during the day, you just have to not abuse it too much. For a cat we say that on average he can stay max of max two days alone (this duration obviously changes from one cat to another)

7. Retractable leashes aren’t always the best

If this object is very practical when walking your dog, the mechanism can mess up and then make the distance uncontrollable. Several dogs have died of accidents because of these leashes, so be careful. Instead, we recommend a whole bunch of really better dog accessories.

Top 12 Things Vets Wish We All Knew

8. To educate your dog, it is advisable to vary the intonations of voice

Here is a little training advice for your dog oklm. Since they are very sensitive to voice intonations, they can understand a lot of things just by the way you say them.

9. Neutering a cat won’t make it fat or change its behavior.

There are plenty of misconceptions about the sterilization of our pets. The fact is, that this intervention will on the contrary stabilize their behavior, calm them down in a certain way. So yes it’s not natural, but as far as cats are concerned, it is above all the number of their population on earth that is not natural, our use of the species has made it an invasive and not very ecological species, therefore beyond the need to sterilize your animal for health reasons, it is above all a means of limiting the increase in the cat population.

10. Yell at them when they do something stupid

This is a mistake we all make with our pets. So of course, it’s normal to get upset when your cat or your dog pees on your bed (generally, the goldfish pees less on your bed), but if he does it, he has a reason to do it: dirty litter, lack of food, stress, urinary tract infections… Unless you’ve never explained to him where his toilet was, if he pees on your bed, he means something to you (so cute). So yelling won’t do anything except stress him out even more and make the problem worse.

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11. Don’t give your cat milk

If milk is associated with cats in the common imagination, know that it is a food that it digests very badly (like humans) and which can cause digestive problems even when diluted with water. . So no, dairy products are not a cat’s friend.

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