Top 12 things that will happen in the distant future, it’s good to know

We are all a bit passionate about the future, otherwise we wouldn’t have paid 200 euros for five minutes of online clairvoyance like big idiots. Don’t tell me I’m the only one to have done this otherwise I’m going to have a really bad time. Be that as it may, in terms of the future, scientists can decide on a few certainties or possibilities which have a good chance of happening, we suggest that you see a small selection of them in quite varied themes. Like that, for fun and knowledge, two things that should never be underestimated.

2. Humanity could conquer the Milky Way in 100,000 to a million years

So there you have it, a bit of optimism. How soon will we be able to conquer the Milky Way and exploit other planets while throwing our trash everywhere? Obviously between 100,000 and a million years, which may seem like a long time slot at first glance, but which is not worth that of the delivery man you wait for a week.

3. Within 50,000 to 100,000 years a new ice age should begin

So basically it was in 50,000 years, but global warming could delay the period by 50,000 years or simply cancel it. This is not good news, I specify just in case. In 50,000 years the days will also last a second longer, which can be a big mess you don’t realize.

4. In 100,000 years the constellations we know might be unrecognizable

This would be caused by what is called the proper motion, which would shake up the Milky Way and the position of the stars over time. It’s not impossible that in 100,000 years the big saucepan will look more like a llama for example.

Top 12 things that will happen in the distant future
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5. In 250,000 a new Hawaiian volcanic island will emerge

It’s called Lo’ihi and you can buy it right now if you want. It’s a currently underwater volcano that will have emerged and come out of the surface of the water to make a nice platform for birds that want to get their ass cooked.

6. In two million years coral reefs will have recovered from the presence of humans

Due to ocean acidification (caused in part by human actions) which destroys ecosystems, coral reefs are deteriorating and disappearing, but it is assumed that within two million years they should have recovered from their superb and will do without us very well.

7. In three million years the days will be three minutes longer.

There it will start to fuck up the whole 24-hour system and if it seems like shit, try to hold in the sheathing position for three minutes. We don’t really realize what that can give three more minutes a day, but it will probably be minutes to spend in the office, not cool.

8. The Earth will have recreated all its fossil fuels in 50 to 400 million years

Yeah, it takes a long time to fill up but the Earth is like that, it gives while it struggles to produce and we loot. At the same time it takes time to turn dead plants and dead animals into coal or oil within the earth’s crust.

9. In 600 million years a total solar eclipse will no longer be possible

Because of the phenomenon of acceleration by tidal effect (the force between the Earth and the Moon for example) the most beautiful and poetic of satellites, the Moon, will move further and further away from our planet to the point that when its axis will join that of the Sun, it will be too close to it to “hide” it completely.

10. In 10,000 years the Svalbard World Seed Vault should be obsolete

This huge chamber built in Norway houses the largest reserves of seeds listed in the world with the aim of preserving them and being able to replant the trees and plants that correspond to them. In 10,000 years it is estimated that the project will stop and that it will therefore be necessary to start again in another building.

11. In 7.2 million years the sculptures of Mount Rushmore will be gone.

Inevitably if nobody takes care of it it will not stay like that forever, because of erosion the sculptures of American slave presidents will just become normal mountains.

12. In 80 million years the last Hawaiian island will have been covered by water

But rest assured, if Big Island will be the last island of the current Hawaiian archipelago to disappear, many others will have emerged, so we will have new landscapes, new beaches and especially new people, because 80 million years is not the next cigarette break.

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