Top 12 things that only make us laugh when we’re teenagers, good shitty humor

With few exceptions, all teenagers are profoundly deficient. When we are teenagers, we want to be rebels so we say to the parents “you can’t understand what I’m going through okay? ” while the parents experienced exactly the same thing. They also watched teen movies, did some really stupid shit, and laughed at jokes they now find pathetic. Yes, being a teenager also means having a shitty sense of humor, it’s hard to escape it.

1. Read the word “dick” in the English textbook

Learning irregular verbs in English is always a bad time to go through, but some found something to laugh about as they turned the pages. When it came time to learn the word bite, you could always hear snickering in the ranks.

Top 12 things that only make us laugh when we're teenagers, good shitty humor
Picture credits: Topito

2. When someone calls the teacher “mom”

The pinnacle of ultimate shame in middle school, right after showing up to class in your pajamas, was calling the teacher (or worse, THE teacher) “mom”. A general laughter then spread in the class and you knew that you were going to hear about it for 6 months.

3. Sound the fire alarms

There are plenty of things kids and teens love but adults hate more than anything: snow, carnivals that disrupt traffic, and fire alarms. In middle school, setting off an alarm was the highest degree of rebellion possible, and students were always very happy to get out of class.

4. Sabotaging his friends’ meal

There are lots of different types of middle school students, but there is ONE thing that brought all the half-boarders together: the ultimate joy of sabotaging their friends’ meal trays. At the cafeteria, it’s always war to fill the carafe with water and we all know why. Whoever is going to fill it will inevitably have surprises on his return, whether it’s a missing dessert or salt in his glass of water.

Top 12 things that only make us laugh when we're teenagers, good shitty humor
Picture credits: Topito

5. “Open your books to page 69”

HAHAHAHAHA 69!!!! Like the position of people who have sex! Regardless of the context, teachers know they should avoid saying this number if they don’t want to lose the concentration of 30 13-year-olds in a matter of seconds.

6. Ask a question and say “actually I don’t care” when the person answers

Being dismissive and sarcastic is a technique that works very well to be appreciated in college. The joke of “I don’t really care” has crossed all generations. Obviously, the language evolves: when I was a teenager we said a lot “shut up to see? and it was very funny. Well, a little funny.

7. The noise of prout when you get up from a sofa

No matter how old you are, butts are always fun. But when you’re a teenager, it’s really THE funniest thing in the world to the point of laughing even when a noise slightly resembles a fart.

Top 12 things that only make us laugh when we're teenagers, good shitty humor

8. The diagrams on the human body in the book of SVT

When you enter college, your hormones are simmering and any image of flesh can make immature college kids chuckle. So of course, some teenagers would spend whole class hours looking at the human body and reproduction drawings in the textbooks. Kinda sad when you think about it.

9. Talking about pubic hair

Once an adult, it’s no longer fun to talk about hair, but when you’re at the age when it appears, it fascinates many people. So teenagers make jokes to try to make others uncomfortable and try to find out who already has hair in their underwear.

10. Write “BOOBS” or “ELLEBESE” on the calculator

As everyone is bored in math class, we look for anyone to try to keep busy and the thing that looks the most like fun is the calculator (there’s a screen on it already). We try to install games and since we can’t, we just write words with the calculator. It was a good time…

Top 12 things that only make us laugh when we're teenagers, good shitty humor

11. When someone drops their meal tray in the canteen

Along the same lines as the humiliation of calling a teacher “mom”, there is the humiliation of the set at the cafeteria. Knocking over his tray is the phobia of all students who are a little reserved because 300 students turn to you and laugh out loud and applaud loudly. It was the funniest thing in the world at the time.

12. Sing bawdy songs on the bus

There are only three categories of people who like to sing bawdy songs at the bottom of a bus: teenagers, rugby players and business or medical students who go on an integration weekend. In fact, we can all group them in the category “adolescents”.

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