Top 12 things pilots are not allowed to do

Being an airplane pilot is probably one of the most stressful jobs in the world, it’s kind of obvious when you think about it considering they’re flying stuff hundreds of feet above the ground with people in it. But to do this job there are necessarily prohibitions, it is logical, and we invite you to discover them right away.

1. Do some maintenance

A former pilot reveals on a forum that he was not authorized to do a small maintenance operation without notifying his superiors, even if it was just a matter of tightening a nut or changing a small bulb. We don’t touch anything.

2. Drink alcohol before (and during) the flight

It seems completely logical not to drink on board while flying, but on most companies pilots are prohibited from consuming alcohol until twelve hours before taking the controls. History of not making a remake of the film Flight.

3. Read a book

Yeah that also seems logical, but there are two or three who have probably screwed up while reading a book because now it’s forbidden and they have to concentrate on their job. Still happy here.

4. Drink coffee

On board the Airbus A350 it is now forbidden to drink coffee in the quiet cockpit. You can throw one before or after the flight, but since there have been incidents of spilled coffee on the dashboard, it’s no longer allowed.

Top 12 things pilots are not allowed to do

5. Being at the controls for more than eight hours

On a flight of more than eight hours pilots are allowed to take breaks or sleep to take turns. You see how fed up you are after two hours in the car? Well, it’s the same. BUT IN THE SKY. So we don’t mess around with that too much.

6. Pilot and co-pilot cannot eat the same dish

In order to ensure that the two people on board do not suffer from indigestion, food poisoning or devil’s shit, they are fed different dishes. And when you think about it, it’s really not stupid.

Top 12 things pilots are not allowed to do

7. Invite people into the cockpit

There was a time when pilots could bring in passengers (often children with their parents) for a short time to see inside the cockpit and greet the pilots. It is now completely prohibited as a security measure for fairly obvious reasons. You will therefore not know all the secrets of pilots.

8. Use of electronic objects during the flight

When you have to put your phone in airplane mode, don’t think that pilots can take advantage of their rank to skip this step. They also have to stop using these items, it’s just that on their phones they have a much classier pilot mode.

Top 12 things pilots are not allowed to do

9. There should always be two people in the cockpit

If the driver or the co-driver must be absent for a minute to go to the toilet, for example, the one who remains must not be left alone. It’s a safety rule to make sure nothing bad happens.

10. Listen to music

Not allowed to listen to the radio or music in the cockpit, pilots must remain alert and reachable with the control tower and therefore not interfere with their concentration with distractions.

Top 12 things pilots are not allowed to do

11. Pilot and co-pilot cannot choose who they fly with

Teams are imposed as a matter of safety, imagine in the most serious case that a pilot and a co-pilot manage to hijack the plane or something like that. That’s why they can’t choose who they’re going to fly with and why everyone has to bang a cowardly colleague one day or another.

12. Get out of the cockpit whenever they want

Before leaving the cabin, pilots and co-pilots must notify the control tower and ensure that the second person is not sleeping and is still on site. Then we bring in another person (rule of two people always in the cockpit).

Top 12 things pilots are not allowed to do

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