Top 12 tattoos that have a hidden meaning, and you better know it

It was while making a top of Viking tattoos that we realized that a good number of them had been taken over by American supremacists. We were a bit nervous, we won’t hide it from you. So we thought we were going to be mims and do our BA of the day by warning you against tattoos that have an unknown meaning.

1. The Three Dots Tattoo

No, getting a three-dot tattoo doesn’t just mean the “S” in Morse code. In a triangle between the thumb and the index, this tattoo means “Death to the cows” and indicates a mistrust, a hatred of authority and more particularly of the police. This goes back to the time when Henri IV besieged Paris, then to the Franco-German war of 1870. These three points can also represent membership in a criminal association.

2. The Two Bands Tattoo

If in some cultures, the black bands around the arm represent someone’s mourning, in the BDSM universe, this tattoo indicates that the person practices fisting. The height of the tattoo represents the depth at which the person can practice fisting and its position indicates if the person prefers to be fisted when the tattoo is on the left arm or if it is the opposite when it is on the right arm. So think twice before you want to pay tribute to your deceased grandmother. And check out our wrist tattoo ideas instead.

3. The koi carp tattoo

We tell ourselves that we are going to get a nice fish tattoo, because we were born between February 19 and March 20 and koi carp are beautiful. Then we go on a trip to Japan and we get arrested by the police without understanding why. Well, simply because koi carp are a symbol of the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. Have a good trip !

4. The spider web tattoo

Even if you’re a Spiderman fan, keep in mind that in the prison world, the spider’s web indicates you’ve been in jail, and each ring in the web represents a year of life there.

5. The Five Pointed Crown Tattoo

We are already vetoing the crown tattoo which is really not jojo. But we advise you even more against doing it if you want to put five branches there. This tattoo represents the Latin Kings gang, one of the most wanted criminal groups in America and especially in the United States.

6. The teardrop tattoo at the corner of the eye

Again in the prison world, the teardrop tattoo has an extremely important meaning. On the right side, it means that the person has committed a murder (or several if there are several tears). On the left side, it means that the person is in mourning because they have lost a loved one. In short, if you’re sad, blow your nose and don’t go and get a tattoo.

7. The barbed wire tattoo

Wouldn’t we go for a little zonzon tattoo yet? I think so since the barbed wire and in particular each of its knots represents a year spent in prison. I would have said it had to do with the fence that surrounded the neighbour’s donkey field, but hey.

8. The predator tattoo that shows the fangs

A tattoo of a lion, tiger or any other predator (maybe less a cat, we grant you) showing the fangs means that the person who wears it is rather not badly inclined towards violence, even that she can or wants to commit a crime without concern. You have been warned.

9. The Three Leaf Clover Tattoo

If the four-leaf clover tattoo represents fortune, luck and happiness, its cousin, the three-leaf clover, can, even if it is the symbol of Ireland, represent a membership in an Irish criminal gang. . To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, get a beer mug tattoo instead.

10. The cross tattoo on the chest

To make a cross on the chest is not the idea of ​​the century because if this symbol belongs to the Christian religion historically, it was taken over by the mafia of the countries of Eastern Europe. So forget about fucking oilp in the church for your buddy’s wedding if you have this tattoo.

11. The rose and dagger tattoo

You suspected it but a dagger that pierces a rose does not have a very positive meaning. It means that the person who wears it has been in prison before the age of 18. It puts our high school acne problems into perspective.

12. The Card Game Tattoo

In the world of organized crime (which I know absolutely nothing about), the deck of cards can represent in detail the crimes committed by its bearer or the years in prison served, since each card symbolizes a story. It’s something other than the kems eh.

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