Top 12 super weird things that don’t shock anyone, it’s true when you think about it

We are here, living our quiet little lives, with blinders on, without asking too many questions. Then comes the moment when we become aware of a strange fact: our world is full of stuff that we have learned to accept without batting an eyelid, without even realizing it, while they are extremely weird, even revolting. We came across a reddit topic that brings together some of these anomalies that have become almost commonplace, and it really spoke to us.

1. Sales people: people whose job it is to influence us

We have done scientific studies, theories and even schools to understand how we could influence consumers and make them buy things they don’t even necessarily need. When did we decide it was okay to pay people to manipulate the masses?

2. The mini-miss contests

Fortunately, this type of contest is not too publicized, but damn good evening (yes we get a little angry, do not blame us), what is this delirium to want to sexualize the body of little girls? It is absolutely filthy and immoral. Especially since the participants are often there under the pressure of mothers who try to win by proxy, probably so that their little treasures realize what they themselves have never been able to achieve. Come on, let’s stop all this and leave the little children alone, please.

3. Careerism in politics

Few people protest seeing for 40 years the same guy who served 3 terms as mayor, 4 as deputy and 2 as minister. However, at the base democracy is not that, it is to take people from the people to govern the people. And not to take professionals whose whole career has always been oriented towards the highest political functions. A good wage cut or a draw system would put some order in all this. Finally, another left-wing idea, isn’t it?

Top 12 super weird things that don't shock anyone, it's true when you think about it

4. Huge space under the door in public restrooms

They really want someone to stick their head in and say “HELLO”? It’s true that it’s more user-friendly, but at the same time it’s seriously creepy. We don’t really want someone to come and watch our face while we push. ‘Cause we’re all ugly while we’re pushing. Just talking about it is very, very embarrassing.

Top 12 super weird things that don't shock anyone, it's true when you think about it

5. Hot models to sell us clothes we’ll wear with our normal bodies

So yes, these muscular gentlemen are very pretty, and these ladies with perfect measurements are very beautiful, but they’re not the ones who are going to put on our sweater or our dress. We would like to see models like us, in the average. We’re not stupid either, we know that it’s all to influence us. We always come back to it.

Top 12 super weird things that don't shock anyone, it's true when you think about it

6. Say the customer is king

Of course, when you put a service on sale, it’s the least you can do to respect your client. But absolutely nothing in morality justifies that a guy who drops a few euros to buy something behaves like garbage and that we have to accept that. The annoying customer is just annoying, he shouldn’t be king of anything.

Top 12 super weird things that don't shock anyone, it's true when you think about it

7. Actors known for being actors

It works for other professions (like models), but it’s surprising to see that we find exceptional people who play texts in front of a camera when we don’t cheer the postman who delivers his mail super fast . Afterwards it must be remembered that only a very small part of the actors is known to the general public while many remain in the shadows. On the other hand, among the postmen, they are all in the shadows.

8. The paparazzi

Guys take pictures of people without their knowledge, violate private property, and never end up in jail. The magazines pay any fines, but it rarely goes further. The profession of paparazzi only holds up because we feel obliged to go and see photos of famous people. Isn’t it all a bit stupid?

9. The sale of our personal data

We are regularly reminded that we must avoid putting our whole life on the Internet because the big groups collect our data to resell it to advertisers (or to even less well-meaning people), but we must admit that we tend to forget it and trivialize the thing.

Top 12 super weird things that don't shock anyone, it's true when you think about it

10. The fact that we only teach since 2017 (and still, not in all manuals) what the clitoris is

The day we learn in class what white discharge is, many little girls will feel a little better in their sneakers. In the meantime, you can watch our entire series Once upon a time in girls to learn more about the female sex because in the end it’s really practical to know how this thing works, which is not only intended to make children.

11. The fact that we buy 10-bullet cigarettes when it is clearly stated on the package that “smoking kills”

But if “smoking kills”, why the hell are we still selling cigarettes? It will go faster to drop the concept. We will be a little stressed for two weeks, and then after that it will be better. Come on, that’s it, it’s settled. Fuck me Minister of Health.

Top 12 super weird things that don't shock anyone, it's true when you think about it

12. People who are not very nice

So there they should all go to jail!!!! No, we’re kidding MDR.

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