Top 12 stars who have been teachers, we would have liked to have had them in PE

Those who know me know it, my two passions in life are celebrities and teachers, so it was logical that one day the top of the celebrities who were teachers before being famous. That’s my introduction to this top. Yeah she sucks but introductions have really never been one of my favorite passions since it’s celebrities and teachers. I said it at the start. Hi.

1. Hugh Jackman was a sports teacher

When he was only eighteen years old, Jackman took advantage of a gap year to leave his native Australia and come to taste the gray sweetness of England. He worked in a school in London where he gave sports lessons, where he coached teams but also gave drama lessons, because Hugh is like that, he can do everything.

2. Sting was an elementary school teacher.

Before writing super cool songs where he’s mostly about creepy staring at people, Sting was a primary school teacher in England and also coached a football team. That said he didn’t forget where he came from because he often spoke up saying that teachers needed to be raised and that it was one of the most important jobs in the world, two things on which He is absolutely right.

3. Sylvester Stallone was spinning sports lessons in Switzerland

It was the 60s, the Beatles were playing in the transistor radios, a generation of young people would rise up against capitalism before fully embracing it and ruining the planet and Stallone was giving gym classes to make some money. before returning to the United States to pursue a career. He also gave quantum physics lessons but he doesn’t like to talk about it too much, he’s super humble.

4. Sheryl Crow was a music teacher.

Before being a famous singer in the 2000s, Sheryl Crow was mainly a music teacher in Saint Louis, Missouri. She has also launched a lot of charities to help schools obtain the financial means necessary to teach, and that’s fine, even if that’s what we expect from the state at the base, n is it not the French ministers?

5. Liam Neeson was a college professor.

Before being an actor and playing in all kinds of films where he kicks potatoes in everyone’s face, Liam Neeson was a university professor and… Put potatoes in the mouths of his students. It’s not bullshit, he ended his career after punching a student in the face, but in his defense the student in question had just pulled out a knife. His life was really Taken before the movie.

6. Barrack Obama was a teacher for 12 years.

Before arriving at the White House and being considered a super president by many people, Barrack Obama was a professor for 12 years at the University of Chicago. There at least he could not validate the deployment of killer drones by the American army, muzzle the press and validate the surveillance of half of its population for no reason. Other than that, it’s “cool”.

7. Stephen King was a college professor.

While trying to get published, King worked for several years as a professor at a university. This is also the moment when he began to sink into alcoholism and this period of his life is told a little in the first third of the book. shining (all the part that Kubrick decided to release). Probably he freaked out some students with his crazy stories.

8. Jesse Williams was a teacher and wanted to do this all his life.

Before coming to melt the little hearts of many viewers in Grey’s Anatomy with his perfect physique and his beautiful blue eyes, Jesse Williams had been a teacher for six years and saw himself continuing his career like that, he did not take his work as a hobby at all before reaching glory. In addition he has already written activist articles for the Huffington Post, the guy has it all.

9.JK Rowling

While she was working on her little novel with wizards, wands and hats, JK Rowling was an English teacher in Portugal. When she divorced she returned to live with her sister in England and it was there that she managed to publish the beginning of the adventures of this little asshole of Harry Potter and his friends who ruin the schooling of a whole bunch. students who haven’t asked for anything for seven years.

10. Mr. T. was a sports teacher

Before starting his acting career and redefining the meaning of the word “stylish”, Mr. T. was a sports teacher while continuing to study to become a trainer. But fate was made otherwise and he became an actor and a wrestler, because that’s mega class, that and a haircut that throws it. (In his time, the expression “in throws” it was also the mega class).

11. John Hamm was a drama teacher

For once his job was well related to being an actor since he gave theater lessons at a university. All the other teachers must have been in love with him because he’s so handsome and then he landed a role in madmen and his career exploded and he walked away flipping that motherfucker headmaster. Strong man.

12. Hillary Clinton was a professor of criminal law at a university.

While already married to Bill Clinton, Hillary was one of only two female professors at the University of Arkansas where she taught criminal law in the 1970s. She was already very fond of America and Americans and didn’t like criminals and cilantro too much. I really don’t know, I don’t know her personally.

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