Top 12 stars of series who have never managed to explode in the cinema

Should we remain a big fish in the pond or become a small fish in the ocean? This is the question my mechanic asked me last week when I had just passed my technical control. Suddenly I got off quickly he freaked me out this idiot with his adjustable wrench and his blue overalls. Nevertheless, his words come back to me today and stick perfectly to this subject that we are going to deal with together and which talks about these TV series actors who were a hit on the small screen before taking a big slap on the big screen, even if they were good and everything seemed to be going well.

1. Almost the entire cast of Friends (be honest)

At Topito there are those who swear by Friends and others like me who find that it’s still a bit overpriced. Everyone lives together without hating each other, but we feel that we are not the same, we eat at different times. Anyway, when you look at the movie careers of each of the six members, it’s hard to say that a big movie star has emerged, except maybe Jennifer Aniston and even then it’s not the career either. craziest in history.

2. Zach Braff (Scrubs)

Star of the Scrubs series for many seasons, actor Zach Braff never really transformed the film test despite a successful first film followed by a few inconclusive attempts. Too bad, he had the potential to do it, if he had been athletic he could have used the excuse of the crusaders but there no, it’s just a failure.

3. Michael C. Hall (Dexter)

Despite two roles in quite famous series like dexter and six feet underMichael C. Hall has never managed to make a real place for himself in the movies, and it’s not with his role as a villain that makes an awkward choreography in Ultimate Game that was going to happen. Those who saw it remember it. They wanted to forget, but they remember.

4. Jennifer Garner (AKA)

You necessarily know the face of the actress for her role in the Alias ​​series even if you have never watched. But you especially want to forget everything directly or indirectly related to films Daredevil and Electra and it is quite normal, many tears flowed because of these films. So we don’t see her much now.

5. Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)

For the second star of breaking Bad, it must be a bit annoying to see that his colleague Bryan Cranston is a hit in a lot of films. Concerning Aaron Paul it’s not really the same thing after failures in films like need for speed, which made him bitter enough to write the top reasons why Breaking Bad is overrated using my handle. The motherfucker.

6. Claire Danes (Homeland)

If she had started by playing in a lot of films in her twenties (Romeo + Juliet, U-Turn) it was mainly for her role in the series Homeland remember her now. Despite a certain talent (like many actors / actresses of this top) the cinema never really offered him the role that would make him a mega-star. Life sucks.

7. Nathan Fillion (Castle / Firefly)

You know his face if you watched Castle Where fireflyhe who was compared a bit to Harrison Ford (all things considered) and who people had even turned into a video game fan movie Uncharted. However on the big screen it has never really worked, not to mention some rumors that say he is average cool on set.

8. Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)

True star of the 90s / 2000s, Sarah Michelle Gellar did try to make a few films after her role as Buffy but it was not a success. It wasn’t for lack of trying to make the movies Scooby Doo and Sex Intentions but no, a nasty failure for the most iconic vampire hunter in the world.

9. Kiefer Sutherland (24 hours flat)

If I say “Jack Bauer” to you, will you answer me? Ok I waited five minutes and you didn’t answer, which I find quite inelegant of you but let’s move on, I have to finish this top. The famous actor of the series 24 hour clock has also never really broken into the movies, yet he combines two essential things to succeed: he is gifted and he is the son of a famous actor. Shame.

10. Timothy Olyphant (Justified, Deadwood)

A classy, ​​versatile actor who has everything up his sleeve to become a star of the big screen and yet not. A villainous role in Die Hard 4 and, well before his two flagship series, a few supporting roles in films like scream 2 but no, for the moment it is not yet the big success. I hope the future will prove us otherwise.

11. Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy)

It was off to a great start for Katherine Heigl who had managed to find several main roles in films after her departure from the series. Grey’s Anatomy but there was a rather big problem that we couldn’t really foresee: the films were flopping. And generally when as a main actor you skim three consecutive failures it starts to stink a bit of the mouth for your career.

12. Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire)

If he was already known for several roles (including last days by Gus Van Sant) before that of Jimmy Darmody in Boardwalk Empirehe gradually disappeared from the radar for various reasons, but obviously on the set of the series he was too often late, forgot his text and took things a bit lightly, and that’s the kind of things that are known in the middle and neither one nor two we find ourselves playing in “Honey, I shrunk the baby” or something like that.

Top 12 stars of series who have never managed to
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