Top 12 songs that kids from the 2000s know by heart

If you have lots of memories of the 2000s in mind and you miss the songs of your golden youth, you’re going to take a wave of nostalgia in the face by rediscovering these hits from the time. If you were born in the late 90s or early 2000s, you were a teenager around 2010 and you will therefore inevitably remember these masterpieces.

1. TEXT Generation – Be Wiz’U

Génération TEXTO is the best example of a song “for young people” written by old people. It’s cliché, it mixes everything up and you can tell they tried to squeeze a lot of buzzwords into three minutes. Despite the disastrous lyrics, the teenage voices that hurt your ears and the unbearable melody, the song was a real success.

2. Disconnected – DJ Hamida

This is a real summer song like you don’t see anymore (I’m hardly overdoing it). A clip at the edge of a swimming pool, a tune that stays in the head and quality lyrics like “I’ll be beautiful like Beyonce” and “Don’t call me paaaaas I’m not there lalalala”.

3. On My Mother’s Head – L’Algérino

How can we forget this mythical song by Algérino, the one that makes us vibrate from the first seconds… OM flags everywhere, very poor rhymes and music with two different notes, that’s all we needed in 2010.

4. You’re not good – Pinocchio

If you’re the perfect target for this article, you were in elementary school when this song was released and you had it in your head for days; what am I saying, weeks. The little child’s voice singing “You’re going, not going, rolling in the mud” never left your mind.

5. Team BS – Team BS

La Fouine, Sindy, Fababy… what else can you hope for but a little musical gem when you bring together such talented artists. I almost cried listening to this song again, the nostalgia is way too strong. Sindy, if you’re passing by, know that we love you.

6. Talk to My Hand – Fatal Bazooka and Yelle

If you were born between the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, you were far too young to listen to such vulgar songs in primary school (without even understanding Michaël Youn’s humor as well). Luckily, we didn’t understand what “guys all suck, they only think about putting fingers on us” and we just remembered “You’re pissing me off, talk to my hand”.

7. My Besta – Sarah Michelle

We felt so stylish and mature listening to the songs of Sarah Michelle who hung out on MSN, went to clubs with her besta and used unusual verlan saying “we are taken for le-fo”. It was a funny time in the late 2000s.

8. The Same As Me – Gary Fico

It’s hard to imagine how this song could become known with such a rotten clip and such an ugly hat on the singer’s head. And yet, it had become a real reference for teenagers in 2010… It’s still funny to see that the video of Cyprien reacting to the clip has more views than the clip itself, poor Gary Fico.

9. Animal Jungle – Baby Lilly

Baby Lilly and all the other animated mascots haunted our childhoods with their badly-made 3D faces and ear-burning shrill voices. If you were a sucker, you probably begged for Baby Lilly singles CDs. If your parents were real pigeons, they probably bought them from you.

10. Go further – Kidtonik

The ancestors of Kids United were a group produced by Canal J called Kidtonik. Kids between 10 and 15 years old, voices that haven’t changed yet and a play on words with Tecktonik in the band’s name; success guaranteed. They made about twenty songs in two years and then disappeared from circulation.

11. Crazy about you – Sofiane

Reality TV star songs have been around for a long time, but Sofiane reinvented the genre by creating an abominable song that still found its audience. Ten years later, we only remember the chorus and that’s fine.

12. Here We Are – Baby Hip Hop

When I listened to this song for the first time in 10 years, I realized that I had completely forgotten it existed. It’s amazing to feel a pang of nostalgia listening to something so bad, but I hope it will have the same effect on you.

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