2022, this beautiful rotten year, is FINALLY coming to an end. 2022 in form, but in substance, we often had the impression of being in 1960 again and again. Sexist remarks are has-beens, and yet… There are a lot of people who don’t seem be too aware! You have to get up to speed. Quick. Really. Please.

The “It skis like a guy” by Guilbaut Colas, during the Winter Olympics

These are the words of the commentator and former world champion in mogul skiing, regarding the performance of the American Jaelin Kauf. What does it mean to “ski like a guy”? Hit the slopes in manspreading? It must not be very practical.

The recruitment campaign of the Poitiers University Hospital

See those posters that seem straight out of the 1960s? Well, however, it was in June 2022 that they were posted throughout Poitiers, to attract staff to hospitals. Wow, that’s very well done! Really want to come and work at the CHU in the face of so much modernity.

(Source: France Bleu)

The pretty advertisement for cushions from the Halle O Discount supermarket (Lognes)

They had promoted the Fifa game for gentlemen, we had to find something for the good ladies, right? And what could be more distinguished than talking about being redneck, talking about uc and reducing ladies to a sexual act, huh? In order to respond to all these beautiful principles, they have found good taste in promoting cushions in this way: “Some have not been spoiled by this chance (the FIFA game), so we offer you your little pleasure. Ladies, a cushion at 3 euros each, kill two birds with one stone […] very beautiful on the sofa or on the bed, but also very useful if you kneel down. “. CLASS.

“You’re not going to pee your panties”

A sentence as humiliating as it is sexist, addressed to an elected opposition member by the first deputy of Metz, during a municipal council in September. Fortunately, there are people a tad brighter than this gentleman! Faced with his refusal to apologize for his remark, the opposition simply decided to leave. So, my good old Khalifé Khalifé, who is wee panties now? Eh ?

(Source: TF1)

The #stayathomegirlfriend trend on Tiktok

Under the heading of the worst TikTok trends of 2022, the #stayathomegirlfriend (translate “stay-at-home girlfriend, who stays at home to manage household chores”). The major problem is that some tiktokers themselves stage their perfect life as young women at home, exposing how “yeah it’s so good to take care of the rotten tasks, while bb brings money at home “. Another little hiccup: on Tiktok, the stay at home girlfriend is beautiful, fine, and above all… She must remain so. A little outdated, as a vision of women, no?

The “Calm down Madam, it’s going to be fine!” by Darmanin

This year, we were lucky to see Darmanin keep his place as minister! Among the reasons to rejoice in this news: his speeches and his delicate sentences. At the start of the year, he gave an interview for BFMTV. Pushed to his limits by the journalist Apolline de Malherbe, he finally let go of a “Calm down Madam, it’s going to be fine! “, in peace. Ah well, it didn’t go so well for him, on social networks, after that hahaha. CHEH.

The mulled wine seller who is a bit too handsome, in Béthune

The connection between hot drinks and this woman in undress? You have 10 hours.

Monoprix which still thinks that the rules are cracra

“Too embarrassed to be a woman? So hide on the Internet and pick up your package, taking care to camouflage your identity! » So cute!

The advertising campaign for Desigual bags

What could be more logical than to sexualize women to such an extent to sell a bag? I ask you!

Casa’s Christmas campaign

The women at the meals, and the men at home with a glass of whiskey by the fire! And do we talk about this adorable pot offered by Santa Claus to this good lady? Too cute !

Trouvetonjob.co which tries to “catch the eye”

It speaks for itself.

Pierre Salviac, Tour de France commentator, who doubts the abilities of women participated in the competition

This is not the first time that the words of the former rugby commentator have caused a reaction! To stay the course and never deny its sexist and reductive principles, it once again “shined” by its difficulty in considering men and women as equal beings. While the fifth stage of the Women’s Tour was marked by a collective fall 45 km from the finish, the man thought it was good to tweet: “Is the Tour de France that? A festival of collective falls. Are the girls ready for a competition of this level? I say that but I say nothing. Don’t say anything, it’s better yeah.


Speaking of embarrassment, have you seen the biggest moments of discomfort on TV in 2022?

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