Top 12 series that we understand nothing about, but which are brilliant

Sometimes you want to think a little and look at something a little more complex than Julie Lescaut, because it’s already shit, but in addition, there are a lot of other quality to watch. If you want to rack your brains and accept not understanding a storyline for a few episodes while telling yourself that you’re watching something cool, then you’d better take a look at these series, all guaranteed spoiler-free.

1. The Leftovers

Difficult to describe in two lines the series The Leftovers, we see people trying to continue their existence after the disappearance of a whole part of the population, biblical theories, sects of people dressed in white who smoke a lot of cigarettes and generally a lot of stuff we don’t understand really. But it’s surprisingly awesome. And if the end brings some answers, The Leftovers remains in this category of works that you have to accept not to fully understand and to interpret yourself, as 2001 a space odyssey and Cabbage soup.


Whether Dark can be very scary at first (and I’m not just saying that because people speak German), she manages to answer most of her questions as she goes along. Suffice to say, however, that you have to accept being in the dark for a long part of the plot before experiencing a few moments like “aaaaah but that’s why he did that” or “aaaaah but it’s was him in fact”. But rest assured, Dark doesn’t disappoint with its ending and if you don’t like it, you can watch another series’ ending instead and hope to find some answers there.

3.Twin Peaks

Imagine yourself in a completely white room without windows, with someone in front of you who wears a horse mask and asks you questions in a completely unknown language while showing you slides of desert landscapes, obviously waiting for you were just answering his question. This is what we feel as we progress in the investigation of the series Twin Peakswhich we generally come out with many more questions than answers, but it’s still great.

4. 1899

If we will have to wait until the end of the series to judge its overall quality, we can already say that the first season is damn promising. The creators of Dark we had accustomed us to quality and this is reflected in their new creation which goes all over the place. We already have a lot of answers at the end of the first season, but let’s be honest, it’s still fucking mysterious and nebulous on a lot of levels and we spend a lot of time thinking “that’s cool, but I didn’t understand anything to what just happened”, a feeling that can also be felt when leaving a roller coaster or at the magic show at the local pizzeria.


Canceled after four seasons, Westworld will take with it many unsolved mysteries, which is boring because ultimately we would have liked to have answers. However, for those brought to us by the series, we can say that it was already clearly not bad: a clever mix of secrets and revelations, all with cowboy costumes and robots, which, now that I reread my sentence, doesn’t really make sense, but works surprisingly well.

6. Severance

As for 1899, Severance only has one season of release as of this writing, and it was a damn good first season with plenty of intriguing moments where you don’t catch much. The series has surprisingly remained rather discreet when it frankly deserves your attention, because a series which speaks of people who decide to split their minds to separate their personal life and their professional life piques curiosity as a concept. Another cool series but not known.

7. Mr Robot

Without being as nebulous as certain series that we have just mentioned, mr robot has the merit of staging a lot of technical computer security moments without taking the gloves off and trying to explain to you what is actually happening on the screen. Add to that a plot with a lot of gray areas, a lot of bad guys whose motivations we don’t understand and a completely clueless main character and you still get an excellent series that also has some revolutionary episodes in terms of setting. stage.


Personally I didn’t understand anything from what I saw and too bad, I accept to have missed out on the rest of the series after its first season. Those who finished, however, told me that there was a lot of deliberately unclear stuff and that it was the kind of series where you had to generally accept that everything did not hold water. And kung fu scenes too. And ass apparently. Which is a mix that still works really well, like in the show Warrior.

9. The OA

Having absolutely not liked this series I cannot speak about it with much objectivity, because finally seeing people locked up in a cellar and finally freeing themselves from it to do contemporary dance and prevent a shooting was clearly too much strange to satisfy me, and yet I like the strange as my style of dress reveals. That being said the series has been very well received overall and is probably worth your attention if you are looking for something mysterious and well done. Or that you want to learn new dance moves to let loose on the dancefloor.

10. Lost

You knew it before opening this top, you were sure of it somewhere, we were bound to tackle the series Lost since it was for a long time an example of a series that enjoys multiplying mysteries and false leads to the point of getting lost in a big bowl of incomprehension and inconsistencies. Despite everything that can be said about the series and in particular about its end, there were some beautiful and engaging moments and we would be lying to say that we did not appreciate certain successful narrative arcs to the detriment of others completely failed. . And finally that’s it Lostit’s like eating your favorite dish but served super cold and with sand on it.

11. Doctor Who

When the main character changes face so often and a plot is divided into more than 680 episodes that have been on the air for 60 years, you think there’s a chance that it’s not always very clear, and that’s is the case. But it remains a real undeniable international success that it will probably be time-consuming to start now by watching everything.

12. Maniac

The good thing with maniac is that there is only one season, it already avoids getting lost for five years waiting for the answers to the incomprehensible questions that certain other series throw at us without worrying about the fact that we can find yourself at three in the morning drawing a timeline of Dark on our bathroom tile. Nope, maniac it’s short and, without necessarily being clearer, it’s already good and enough to be part of the best miniseries.

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