Top 12 series main characters who suck (sorry, there’s no other word)

Generally, the series relies on a rather cool main character that we can easily identify with. “Generally”, yeah. Because there are also series that stuff themselves with a completely useless hero, a central character who only makes shitty decisions and makes us want to sigh at each of his interventions. I post them to you today so that they feel ashamed in front of the whole community and finally answer for their actions. Come on, we are waiting for you.

1.Carrie Mathison (Homeland)

It’s simple: I don’t understand why she does this job. The girl is a CIA agent but we have never seen a person so easy to manipulate. She changes her mind all the time, crashes all the time, and spends her time whining instead of saving the world directly as she’s asked. Aren’t CIA people supposed to be a little tougher than that?

Top 12 series main characters who suck sorry theres no

2. Louise (My friend Adele)

Well, since the series is recent, close your eyes if you don’t want to get SPOILERS. There you go, now we can talk about it: GOOD GOD WHAT SHE IS NULL LOUISE. During half the season, she is told 50 times not to interfere with the Adèle/David couple, and what does she do? She rushes into problems and, in the process, releases from her life the only friend she had who gave her a sensible speech. Rob stole her body, and frankly she was looking for it. If there is a season 2, I hope it will wake up a bit.

Top 12 series main characters who suck sorry theres no

3. Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother)

He’s not horrible, this character, but I wouldn’t like to have him as a friend. The guy spends his time complaining about not finding the woman of his life and then introduces dozens of girls to his friends, explaining to them each time he has found the woman of his life. When he’s not busy flirting in bars, he gives culture lessons to everyone, and as soon as he has a slack he tries to catch Robin again when they are clearly not made one for the other. In fact, I take back what I said at the start: this character is horrible.

1664282549 192 Top 12 series main characters who suck sorry theres no

4. Philippe Dayan (In Therapy)

Me at the beginning of the series: “Oh he’s so cool Philippe, I would love him to be my shrink!! »

Me after a few episodes: “But get moving Philippe, answer when someone talks to you, don’t always look downcast and stop trying to nab your patient, you’re a fucking shrink!” »

Despite everything, we are still attached to Philou and despite everything In Therapy is a superb series, so we will ignore it.

1664282550 257 Top 12 series main characters who suck sorry theres no

5. Jess (New Girl)

This girl is unease incarnate. As soon as she opens her mouth, she creates embarrassment in everyone. I get shivers down my spine just thinking about it. She clearly does not deserve to be the central element of this series, and at the same time there would be no series without her suddenly it annoys me even more. I’ll give you two minutes, I’m going to break some plates.

1664282551 45 Top 12 series main characters who suck sorry theres no

6. Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)

This little side of: “I don’t know how to choose my camp between the wall and the wildlings” associated with a perpetual sheepish look makes him a character that we easily want to see go to the death camp of the series. But even that, dying, he failed to do. The only good thing we can give him is to have killed Daenerys before she burned all of Westeros with her dragons. It redeems him a bit in my eyes.

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7. Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

No one wants to be on Rick’s side in The Walking Dead. Nobody wants to follow a guy who thinks he’s a dictator on the pretext of protecting his people. Nobody wants to trust him when all the bad guys in the series are always one step ahead of him. In the end, we almost understand why Carl is so unbearable with such a stupid father.

1664282553 842 Top 12 series main characters who suck sorry theres no

8. Eleven (Stranger Things)

Ok, she didn’t have an easy childhood, but still, she’s not super smart-smart kid. Each time she takes out her “Friends don’t lie” as if lying was the worst thing in the world when she regularly kills people. Besides, if Eleven was a cool character, she wouldn’t bleed her nose every time she used her powers.

1664282554 505 Top 12 series main characters who suck sorry theres no

9. Rachel (Glee)

Yes Rachel you are talented. Yes Rachel you are cute. But Rachel you always want to do the solos and put yourself forward at the expense of others and you spend your time making faces at everyone when you don’t get what you want. We don’t want a capricious heroine.

1664282555 983 Top 12 series main characters who suck sorry theres no

10. Clay (13 Reasons Why)

Clay spends his time moaning throughout the series and feels guilty for Hannah’s death when he clearly wasn’t responsible for it (by the way, Hannah is really disgusting for making him a tape). In addition, everything revolves around him, yet Clay is almost the complete opposite of what we can understand by “interesting”. Ultimately, we could have made him a secondary character, but no more.

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11. Phoebe Buffay (Friends)

Even if her cardboard “baba cool” side makes her almost likeable, Phoebe is still completely stupid. Honestly, it must be hell having a roommate with her. But anyway, let’s be honest, we could have fucked all the main characters of Friends in this top, there is not one to catch up with the other.

1664282557 776 Top 12 series main characters who suck sorry theres no

12. Jessica (Under the Sun)

Without messing around, after ten seasons, the girl still has her American accent, it looks like the Jane Birkin Côte d’Azur version. She could have at least picked up the Southern accent. Fortunately, Under the Sun taught us things about life otherwise the whole series would have to be thrown in the trash.

1664282558 761 Top 12 series main characters who suck sorry theres no

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