Top 12 series actors who lied to get a role, boo the big mythos

Lying is a very bad fault, but we can say that it’s excusable if it’s lying about your identity to get out of it or lying to get a role. Finally, I imagine that if I had auditioned for the role of Annick in Le Flambeau, I would obviously have said that I can play the didgeridoo very well, but everyone creates the lie they can.

1. Phoebe Dynevor pretended she knew how to ride a horse to star in The Bridgerton Chronicle

Yes, we went to THAT! Not seeing Phoebe Dynevor play Daphne in The Bridgerton Chronicle. Fortunately, the actress lied during her casting, saying that she had ridden a whole bunch of horses in her life and that she was very talented (when in truth, she was afraid of it and had never practiced the horse riding). Thanks to that, she got the role and even ended up enjoying riding a horse.

2. Laura Fraser said she was bilingual in German to get a role in Breaking Bad.

Another one that would have done better to do German LV2. Yes, because Laura Fraser had to play the bilingual German during her casting to have the role of Lydia Rodarte-Quayle in Breaking Bad. All this while she didn’t know a single word of this language, which is still very strong. After, I made LV2 sign language so personally I have no idea if his level of German is suitable, you will tell me the news.

3. Hugh Laurie pretended he was American so he could star in Dr. House

It is not Doctor House who wants. And to become one, Hugh Laurie had to lie by omission to the casting team. The actor indeed recorded a demonstration pretending to be an American, because the director did not want anyone else to play the main role. And it worked well because everyone believed in it, the director even telling the entire production team “that’s exactly what I want, an American guy”. LOOOOOL.

4. Mila Kunis said she was almost of age to be able to on That 70’s Show

Mila Kunis is clearly not the only actress to have lied about her age, but did so when she was under the age of majority. She did tell the casting directors of That 70’s Show that she was almost 18, when in fact she was 14 (there’s quite a difference though). How she confused everyone, bobobo!

5. Olivia Cooke said she was a huge Game of Thrones fan for playing House of the Dragon.

She has been on the screen since August 2022 in House of the Dragon. And yet, Olivia Cooke, who plays Alicent Hightower, could never have starred in this series. She indeed lied during her audition by claiming that she was a big fan of Game of Thrones when in fact she had never seen a single episode. Oh the big liar. She also claimed that she was a very good rider although she had never ridden. No, but audacity!

6. Jameela Jamil lied about her stage experience for a role in The Good Place

To land the role of Tahani Al-Jamil in The Good Place, Jameela Jamil told the casting director that she had experience in acting, while the only time she had taken the stage was in a primary school play. She also claimed that she was the queen of improv and that she had done it hundreds of times in a theater in England, while NOT AT ALL. Yes, she is very strong.

7. Sasha Pieterse lied about her age to play Hanna in Pretty Little Liars

When she was only 12 years old, Sasha Pieterse applied for the role of Hanna in Pretty Little Liars, telling the casting team that she was much older than her real age. Except that the producers realized his big lie. Fortunately for her, they liked her audition and therefore decided to give her the role of Alison DiLaurentis. Wear his heart on his sleeve.

8. Mark Salling got younger to play Puck on Glee

Like Sasha Pieterse, Mark Salling lied with no pressure about his age to land the role of Puck on Glee. But it has not aged, quite the contrary. Indeed, the actor said he was only 19 when he was 26. Almost bizarre that the casting team managed to swallow such a canard. Mark Salling was held back even after confessing the truth about his age, the lucky kid.

9. Paul Mescal said he had the license to be able to play in Normal People

Let’s immediately clear Connell’s interpreter: it’s really not him who lied, but rather his agent. The latter indeed affirmed, after several hearings, that Paul Mescal had his driving license, which was not at all the case. What could have turned into a big accident actually ended well: Paul Mescal took lots of driving lessons and performed in his car scenes. It would be good if other people were inspired by it (the people without a license, we’re talking to you straight in the eye)…

10. Jason Momoa pretended to be a model to star in Baywatch

There are those who are not ashamed to invent lives, and this is the case of Jason Momoa. To land his role as Jason Ioane in Baywatch, the actor claimed to have received the “Hawaiian Model of the Year” award and worked with numerous brands as a model. Ok, that was a believable lie, but that Jason takes the myth a bit far.

11. Chad Michael Murray slightly overestimated his basketball abilities to play Lucas in The Scott Brothers

What would the Scott brothers be without the amazing Lucas, I ask you! That’s why we congratulate Chad Michael Murray for having praised his qualities as a basketball player during his casting, when in fact he was not that good. So yes, he had to get help from a coach to improve after being chosen to play this big role, but hey, without him, we surely wouldn’t have spent so many hours in front of this incredible series.

12. Miguel Angel Munoz mythologized his dance skills to land the role of Roberto in Un, Dos, Tres

It doesn’t seem like that, but Miguel Angel Munoz was a crazy dancer before playing in Un, Dos, Tres. And yet, he had said during his casting for the role of Roberto that he perfectly mastered the paso-doble. Obviously, he found himself like an idiot, after being hired, when it was necessary to do dance tests. Today, we can say that he has finally gotten away with it (and above all that he has done well to admit his myth and to take dance lessons).

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