Top 12 secrets of people who work in Disney parks, the cast-members hide from you…

In life, I had two jobs. One at Disney World in Orlando, where I got fired. One at Topito, where I got fired (not yet), and suddenly I talk about my old job in my new job so as not to get fired again. I told you about it in the 10 best things to see and do at Disney World, but I didn’t give you ALL the secrets of the cast members, these little disguised people who work at Disney. And today, I am more afraid, I reveal EVERYTHING.

1. If you don’t like the dish you’re served, just tell them and they’ll serve you a free one

Same if you drop your ice cream. You take a little disgusted look and I’m going to come and pour you another LIVE. That’s the magic of Disney. (Don’t do that 10 times to have 10 different dishes though, you guys).

2. When it’s your birthday, the cast members have to give you something

An ice cream, a cupcake, a hug, a song. Normally, you have your “It’s my birthday” badge and they are bound to give you the best birthday day of your life. And they are very strict about that.

3. Sometimes the names cast members have on their tags aren’t the real ones

If you have a name that is too complicated, you risk not being able to have it on your tag and to have a nickname. It’s the same at Topito, you think my name is Clara but in fact my real first name is Marie-Angélique-Françoise du Pré, and that’s the surprise.

4. You have to be a special size to wear character costumes

Because you suspect that a Mickey who is 2 meters high, it’s a bit tricky for the kids to hug him. So, very often, it’s girls who hide under the Mickey costume.

5. The signature of the princesses must be identical in ALL the Disneylands of the world

Because if kids are lucky enough to be very, very rich and go around all the Disneys around the world, it’s a bit of a bummer if they receive two super different Cinderella signatures between Disneyland Paris and Disney World Orlando . So presto, we learn to imitate the same signature and we all do EXACTLY the same.

6. If a cast member tells you to have a “magical” day, that means you’ve been a big jerk and he hopes your day will be horrible.

It’s a bit like Disney’s “fuck you”, the hypocritical little smile and the “Have a magical day”. My hidden dream is even to spit in your serious meal, you’re lucky I don’t really want to get fired.

7. It’s forbidden to point fingers in the parks (otherwise you can get fired)

Because in some countries it’s seen as extremely offensive to be singled out. Suddenly, at Disney it is also forbidden, and if you are asked for your direction, you can only indicate it with 2 fingers or with the whole hand.

8. In photos, you must ALWAYS have both hands visible

To have no possibility of an assault charge or having a misplaced hand. And really, the managers are keen on it. (And you’ll stick to it too if you end up with a photo from a weird angle)

9. We must NOT see you in a suit if you are not working

Even if, in summer for example, you’re really too hot and you’re on the verge of feeling unwell, and you want to take off your costume to breathe, it’s FORBIDDEN because kids might see you and it would break ” the magic of Disney. Same, if you’re in a suit, you have to be VERY careful that no one sees you on your phone or smoking. Are you a princess or are you not a princess? She responds to her Tinder matches, Rapunzel or not? In fact, I don’t think so.

10. During job interviews, one of the first questions is “Do you have tattoos?”

And if the answer is yes and they are visible, there are plenty of jobs that close doors for you and that you will never be able to do. Maybe you can be a chef, because we don’t see you, or maybe you can wear a costume that will cover your tattoos to the limit. That’s all. Nothing else. You can never be a sweeper at Disney, because they wear cropped t-shirts and shorts, sorry.

11. When you work at World Disney Orlando, you live in one of the specially assigned residences

And if you’re under 21, you’re not allowed to drink alcohol or have it in your apartment, because they can come and search. You also don’t have the right to be in another apartment after 11 p.m., and they can ALSO come and search. Yes, it’s a bit strict, but tkt, here phones are allowed.

12. The worst place to work is Magic Kingdom

It’s a bit like Disneyland Park for Disney World in Orlando, and it’s the hardest place to work because there are too many parents who come with their children and talk badly to you if someone things don’t go the way they wanted. Well, we don’t say that all parents are like that huh, but just that there is more risk that you will come across a dubious client.

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